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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies


:: Bowwwws ::

Day 67. An unusual combination for a simple nip down to the supermarket.

Oooooooh, look how big my ponytail ties up into! Makes me think of tao sar pao suddenly. What the... So random ((((((;

My ex-colleague previously thought this was a jumpsuit because the black piping, which runs down the back, is the exact same shade as my pants. Both top and pants are in a similar sateeny material too. The baby pink top is such a lovely surprise with its peekaboo bows lining the spine that despite the colour, I fell in love with it instantly! My love affair with bows overshadow the pink any time. I used to pair this top with my dusty pink patent flats from Mitju, but it has somehow gotten lost. Don't understand why I keep losing footwear from my car (my shoes are either in the car or in a box in my home, that's why I believe my car is chomping my shoes).

I love this pair of harem pants although it amplifies my bum a gazillion times. Comfort trumps all, I say. As for my sis, she took a look at me and said "Bie, harem pants don't suit anybody". Obviously I don't care. Bleah.

:: WBW ::
Top : Lalu
Pants : River Island


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