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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies


:: Charming! And A Rabbit ::

Day 66 was spent at one of my favouritest malls - Parkway Parade! This was pretty much where I spent all my Saturdays when I was young, because my piano lessons were at Kawai Parkway and we did our grocery shopping and meals thereafter all there too. My Mum told me that I got lost in the crowd here before... They went ballistic searching for me and when they still couldn't locate me after yonks, decided that my Dad go home with my sis and bro first while my Mum continued the search. When they got to the car, they discovered a screaming me. ROFL Some people had gathered around to try to placate me and shot my parents deadly looks for losing me. I'm sure I lost them, not the other way round - and for the life of me, can't believe I was so smart to remember the parking lot and wait there for them! Can't imagine what my poor parents were going through then. I was such an imp.

Anyways, I went to Howard's Storage World to pick up some jewellery stands/boxes to continue my packing. I can't function properly when I want to pack A first but don't have the right containers, and of course, can't skip to pack B. Super anal-pok.

Instead of Bielet, my bro's sheltie decided it was time for her to be in the limelight! (Or my shadow, to be exact)

Sniffing my envelope clutch

Big head rabbit! Loveeeeeeeeeeeee

And sorry for the distracting lapin in the background, but I'm really trying to show off my charm bracelet here! If you peer close enough, you'll realise that each charm is unique in that it's individually hand-drawn. This was a super sweet farewell gift from my section mates and big big boss ((: Each of them drew a picture symbolic of themselves on shrinkable plastic and after baking, voila! All sitting pretty on the bracelet. My section mates also gave me another set of 3 charms - an LCD TV (because LCD is my section's acronym!), an agedeebee logo and my own mini staff pass! Unfortunately, the security personnel didn't let me through with it. LOL

As you can tell, my charm bracelet and envelope clutch can only be used on days when I'm not out with Bielet. The bracelet is really fragile and I'm afraid that Bielet might just rip it to shreds!!! And the clutch is not roomy enough for her stuff, although I was surprised that it could hold my fat wallet just nice ((:

This was yet another day where I wore a new outfit! *Proud* The t-shirt was from Shilin Night Market (one of my rare spoils from the recent trip), never carried the clutch before and the jeans are brand new! I didn't mean to buy a new pair of jeans to add to the wardrobe that I am trying to purge stuff from. Sadly, I had to buy these jeans because my shorts (which I wore to the park with my hubby and Bielet last weekend) split down the middle after the park outing! OMG I was trying to put Bielet in the car seat while stretching across from the other door and I heard the sickening rip. To be fair, the shorts were a good 5 years old and I am quite fat already BUT STILL

Cries. Wails. Faints from embarrassment.

We drove to Compass Point as I thought Metro would be a better option than Hougang Mall, which has no shop I remember - only know Yoshinoya. Alamak the clothes at Metro were so auntified, if I may say so myself, so I just grabbed a pair of Levi's from the discount bin, paid and left. Safe.

Now that I've recovered from shame, I can wear the Levi's out. Sane. (And that's why the bottom is folded up instead of properly altered. LOL)

:: WBW ::
Top : Shilin Night Market, Taiwan
Jeans : Levi's
Bag : Loef


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