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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

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:: My Field Pack ::

Day 68. Bielet was invited to attend Ariel's birthday party! Ariel is a super adorable cutie whom Bielet met when they were both 'working' at NUH (they were 'test' babies for a med students' examination, where the students had to estimate the ages of these children). Bielet was a wee six month cherub and overly zealous in making friends, so she ended up bopping poor Ariel instead of sayang-ing her...

Thankfully Ariel's mama was so sweet and didn't blame Bielet for the punch! You know how some mothers are so over protective and will pounce on you if their babies have so much as a scratch on them. In fact, Ariel's mama still posted the above pic on facebook (proof that my baby is such a naughty little girl!). LOL

Thank goodness the little ones have grown up and their photos nowadays look more like this:

Awwwwww. So sweet right? They are both such darlings. I can't help but want to smother both in kisses!

Ariel's party was at Jacob Ballas Children's Garden, the first children's garden in Asia! It is such a gorgeous and fun venue, but alas the shower of blessings lasted the entire length of the party so everyone was confined to the indoor party space. Nevertheless, there were activities aplenty - with balloon sculpting, face painting, games, colouring and gazillions of Hello Kitty! Yupp, that was the theme of the party! And Ariel proudly showed off her Hello Kitty top to Bielet when she arrived. Such a smart girl ((: And she also has a cutesy Hello Kitty pin and party hat as well as a pair of beautiful wooden Hello Kitty sandals with beading on the sides. Ariel is such a sociable little girl and doesn't shy away from attention or people, so Bielet loved being around her too! While Bielet was slightly shy with the other children, she still tried her best to play with them (although most were older than her and wanted to play with each other instead!) and also busied herself by playing with the raindrops. She was so fascinated by the rain that she kept tottering to the edge of the shelter and sticking out her arms, getting all excited when she realised the raindrops made her little fingers all wet. Mini nature lover! ((:

In anticipation of the heatwave at the garden, we dressed down in our comfy clothes!

As it was raining, I threw on a small knit on top of my spaghetti top (and in a bid to appear more decent at a kids' party). Doesn't Bielet look nice in her Hello Kitty frock? It's slightly big for her (because she's still so skinny!) and it kept falling off one shoulder or the other. Nevertheless, I still think she looked the nicest ((: Call it the mother syndrome!

A close-up at the Hello Kitty print. Yes, I bought this specially for the party!

I don't have any Hello Kitty stuff in my wardrobe, obviously, so my own theme was just comfortable wear.  These shorts are one of the last few I dug up from my wardrobe and being rather old, I was worried the seams would give way like my other pair! Thankfully it didn't ((: Accessorized with my big belt and its huge red buckle so that others wouldn't mistake me for being preggers.

The star of my outfit is my bag from JC! ROLF it's really army green (not as washed out as in the pictures) and I used to joke that it's my field pack. Not that it can carry much thoughhhhhh. For our outing yesterday, it proved enough and I packed it to the brim! Other than the main compartment, there are only three other pockets (2 in both and 1 tiny one within). Why I like this bag is that you can carry it two ways - as a shoulder bag (left pic) or a backpack (right pic). Unfortunately, when you carry it as the former, you can't zip the top so you risk dropping something from the bag if it falls or its contents getting drenched if you don't get it out of the rain fast enough. The latter happened when the gusty winds blew the rain into the party venue )): Only 'casualties' were Bielet's spare clothes. Hee

:: WBW ::
Top : Uniqlo
Shorts : The Trunkshop
Cardigan : GG>5
Belt : Campus Bazaar in my uni days
Bag : Nike

:: WHW ::
Dress : Uniqlo


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