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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

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:: Sensational Stripes ::

Realised I've been falling back on my blacks and nudes these few days so I dug high and low for some colour in my wardrobe. Day 64 yielded yet another new outfit! ((:

If the outfit looks corporate-ish, it was intentional! I wore this for lunch with my ex-colleague back at the hub. Sighhhh, the one hour flew by in a flash. There was just too much to catch up on. The sixty minutes (and some other pockets of time stolen before she had to head back to office) was really too little. I suppose we could chat any time of the day previously by zipping into each other's workstation, so lunch hour then was really just a respite to fuel up on some nosh for the remaining day.

Anyway! I've worn each piece of the look before, just not together. The last time I wore this top, my big big boss exclaimed that I reminded her of Bananas in Pyjamas! Funnnnnny! Bananas in pyjamas are coming down the stairs.....

(Source: ABC TV)

As for the skirt, it was one of my office staples. You know everyone has that extra pair of shoes and jacket for days when you need to pull a sudden big meeting with the bosses? I had this extra skirt in case my colleagues raised red flags that my skirts or dresses were a bit too short that day - this was the standby petticoat (; It got lost when I shifted workstations gazillions of times, so I was really glad to find it on the last day of work. Ah, the irony!

The brooch was a buy from a long time ago (such that I don't remember where I got it from). I really dig its preppy, happy feel on its own but especially love how its bold red, pink and orange stripes contrasted starkly against the staid blue and white of my top. 

Close-up of my brooch in its delicious pops of colours and marshmallow-lookalike stars! By the way - the brooch actually dropped from its metal clip because I sat Bielet on it when I was carrying her... I taped it with clear tape for this shot. ROFL

I intended to buy these super high heels with the outfit but chickened out at the last minute. Didn't want to risk falling over with Bielet, so I stuck to my usual flats. The dark blue of the peeptoe heels go rather well with the top and would really have blended well in the office, except that I would have towered over the whole world. It happened the last time I wore it to work anyway!

Bielet hard at work after we returned to Granny's after lunch. Isn't her top cute? My sis got it for her and proclaimed that we had better get Bielet to wear the dress before it became too small. Hullo?! Dress?

:: WBW ::
Top : Indie Sin
Skirt : Ness
Shoes : Flaunt

:: WHW ::
Top : Uniqlo
Pants : Fox Baby


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