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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

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112 Katong

Mumo, me and Bielet have been relishing the Jun holidays so far, and indulging in some fancy lunches (as opposed to our usual kopitiam meals after school - nothing too atas though). With so many things happening at home, it will take a while before we get to enjoy these little outings again!

The three of us went to 112 Katong on a Thursday, just before the lunch crowd swamped the place/carpark. As expected, we went to my favourite Da Pablo Gastronomia :)) (I especially love their desserts and cookies!) Altho it is a takeaway bar, there are some tables available in the 112 outlet for quick meals. In a bid to be healthier, I had a pumpkin soup and sausage + caramelised onions sandwich. Right, so sausage ain't really 'healthier' but I couldn't take the hams or smoked salmon, so there wasn't much of a choice. Mumo had a lobster soup and Italian mayo + tuna sandwich. Obviously, I won the healthy bid there.

It's so cute that the breads are served in a giant sweet-like wrapper (so that you can hold the paper while munching). This is my sausage + caramelised onions sandwich. The sausage was unexpectedly spicy (just a tad) but thankfully Bielet was fine with it.

Here she is posing with Mumo's Italian mayo + tuna sandwich. Between the two, Bielet obviously preferred my mum's. Bah. 

Yay! Love this shot of Bielet and me (altho she isn't looking straight into the camera). I'm wearing my new emerald cropped pants from Uniqlo, btw - adore the wonderfully bright prints!

Bielet was so sweet and 'ordered' me to sit in the plush armchair while she plonked herself on the hard wooden chair instead (I had asked her to sit in the armchair initially). Whether it was because she wanted Mama to be more comfy or to aid her running around the eatery is debatable though ;)) She enjoyed browsing through the open shelves of takeaways and pasta packets, as well as the blasts of a/c at the chilled section!

We went to 112 as I wanted to get some educational jigsaws which caught my eye at one of their atrium fairs a while back (and was still thinking about after a couple of weeks). Bielet absolutely loves piecing together jigsaws and the number of puzzles she has is criminal: ten, before 112, and twelve thereafter (with Mama putting her contact down for another!) Maybe I should do a post on her jigsaws another day... Anyways, other than the jigsaws, I decided to get her a pretty new pair of shoes for a weekend wedding we were going for.

Pink, chiffon, bling and Hello Kitty: probably the most girly thing I have bought in my life EVER!

If you're wondering, this ostentatious pair of kiddy shoes are from Babyshop. They have a wide range of children apparel and accessories in store, including quite a few Hello Kitty pieces (just saying, in case you have a soft spot for the feline). While I was initially drawn to a pair of Hello Kitty sandals (for her, not me!), Bielet seemed to prefer these shoes instead. What I appreciate is that a pair of bands are provided to secure the shoes in case they are still too large, since *ahem* parents like to buy footwear a size or two larger as kids' feet grow so fast (in this case, these were the smallest size and just a toe too big still). The bands are the sort that amusement park staff in Japan provide for patrons of rollercoaster rides so that their flimsy footwear don't become killer litter. So thoughtful, right!

While Mama was busying through the racks of the store, Bielet decided the boy mannequin resembled her classmate and started to strike a convo with 'him'. She also gamely posed for a snap with her 'friend' - check out the cosy arm around the shoulder!

Cosying up!

Am so going to miss all these little lunches (and mini shopping trips!) with my mum and Bielet :)) It's so nice to be able to enjoy time together, and especially a leisurely lunch with the people you love.

Ending this post with one of my favouritest pics of Bielet to date!

She looks all grown up, oh-so-demure and the sweet little smile just melts your heart, eh?


Floral Zara Baby button-up blouse (from Mumo's UK penpal), Black Hush Puppies pants with bow-patterned sequins at bottom, Purple socks from Fox Baby, Brown shoes from Stride Rite


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