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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

Carpenter And Cook

Remember the last time ZX and I brought Bielet for her first actual 'trek' at Bukit Timah? Well, we had wanted to try out Carpenter And Cook but were too stuffed for desserts. Since my sis had an off day and we were both in the area, I dated her for some yummy treats (this is one of her favourite cafes!)

"Artisan Bakery and Vintage Home Store"

Us both coincidentally in maxi dresses that day! Me is on the right and this comfy, brown-striped dress that I just bagged from Uniqlo is set to be one of my favouritest pieces. Hee. And love the floor tiles btw :))

Carpenter And Cook serves only yummy bakes (think pastries and confectioneries) so those looking for hearty mains should head somewhere else. Unless of course, you want to shop in their vintage homeware section - which has the prettiest vintage cutlery and cockery! The furniture and stuff in the entire store is for sale too, unless otherwise stated, but just check with the friendly staff.

Checking out what's available (this is like half of their selection). Doesn't everything look simply divine?

The home store bit. The teacups and saucers in the display are so dainty!

My sis being a bit of a hoot. Like who uses a tray to carry cutlery, Blackberry and a number stand?!!

We both had to go for the delicious looking quiches (called "Cook's Amazing Quiche"): mine bacon-something and hers asparagus-thing. Sorry, was much too hungry to remember the names! This was so good but also much too small, imo. Quiches are meant to be big and fat and bursting-with-flavour-satisfying!!! Ideal size would have been twice over :D

I couldn't resist the chocolate sea salt caramel tart (because it looked so yummilicious bathed in warm brown tones) while my sis went for her usual lemon tart. Being the chocoholic that I am, my tart was gone in under a minute (after me taking eternity to take photos of it!!!) - I started after and finished before my sis! Tried to be civilised and eat in delicate nibbles but obviously I just gobbled the delicious cup up. Hehh. I usually prefer my chocolate to be milk but this dark choc one was a nice alternative and it probably works better in the tart (cuz it would be overly sweet with the caramel and might clash with the sea salt). My sis's tart was too lemony for me although it wasn't as sour as I expected. Will take the cssc over the lemon anytime! Drools...

The bottled elderflower fruit press was a nice, tangy drink which added a bit of a zing to my tart. Perhaps that's why I felt the lemon tart was too lemony? Loved my food overall, but why is everything so small?! The quiche, the tart and even the bottled fizz. -_-"

My sis's flat white made for a nice photo cuz I heart the really old school saucer. 

My parents used to have all these old cutlery and cockery that we kept in our huge kitchen cabinets, but they dumped everything after they moved (cuz the new kitchen was a fraction of the size and condos have no storage space). Just imagine all the moolahs they could have earned selling these stuff now. Every kitchsy retro store I step into now has one or another item that my parents had, okay... And don't get me started on my mum's wardrobe of vintage clothes. %#(%*&_^(Q*&#%(#^$

Anyway, the point is that I loved Carpenter And Cook for its lovely old school vibe and their delicious treats. Only grouse (as mentioned earlier) was the portion size, but maybe I was just being greedy because everything was so yummy!! Can't wait to go back to devour the rest of their confectioneries :))


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