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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

This is a nomnom post so skip it if you're hungry (actually I am peckish now so it's a bad time to be blogging. Lol)
We hit a few eateries over the weekend and thought I would just do a quick update :))

{Chillax Cafe}

ZX and I wanted to chillax here before we headed with Bielet for her art class last Saturday, but the horrendous lunch-hour traffic at Serangoon Gardens was anything but. Tucked away in the foodie estate, we realised that this cafe is along the same stretch as one of our favourite steak places (Ministry of Steak, but that's another eat for another day).

See, I'm not being grouchy - the long line of vehicles behind proves the traffic was horrendous...

But I was hungry and the menu looked oh-so-promising that I brightened up! Everything sounded awesome on the menu (and it's not just cuz I was ravenous) but seeing as our relaxing lunch plans had been pushed back due to the traffic, we quickly settled for some less-ordinary-sounding dishes. Tofu fries for Bielet, pasta for me and rosti for ZX + a yuzu honey ice blended.

Yuzu honey ice blended, which was nice and refreshing (especially in the sweltering midday heat) but I couldn't finish it because it was too sweet for my tastebuds. Over to ZX, thanks.

I tried to take this snap such that ZX was drinking from the straw. Funny anot?! Hehh

Tofu Fries

ZX remarked that the fries reminded him of one of those deep-fried Taiwanese street snacks - and I totally agree. Think the smell of 炸雞排. Plus that same sprinkled spice seasoning. At first bite, I was quite put off by this because it is really just deep fried tofu under the guise of fries. But then again, that's exactly what fries are right?! I dunno what I was expecting but sinking my teeth into rectangular chunks of beancurd wasn't it. Bielet didn't enjoy it much either, taking eternity to chew, just to spit it out afterwards... ZX was our last hope. He munched on it and while it took some time, he warmed up to the fries (commenting it was an acquired taste) and somewhat similar to smelly tofu - sans the smelly. Me and beancurd do not get along, that's all I can say.

Bielet: Hmmmmmmmmm

Miso Pasta with Salmon, Tofu, Corn and Carrots

My choice for lunch and I absolutely loved it. Rather unusual choice cuz I usually attack the meat dishes, but I felt like miso that day. Okay, and cuz I figured I should be good and eat some salmon too. ZX tasted a bit but felt the miso was too salty. For me, I thought it was just the right touch of salty and that the ingredients all came together well in complimenting the linguine. Fusion at its best (and this tofu I could stomach) ;)) Since pastas are usually cream- or tomato-based, it's hard to find a nice soupy pasta dish that checks all the right boxes. This was so a winner for me!

Wagyu Beef Rosti

Pardon the not-so-glam photo and the rather barbaric ripping apart of the rosti (trying to show the generous amount of wagyu beef in it). As mentioned, we were starving.

ZX ordered my 'back-up' dish of Wagyu Beef Rosti and it was damn good as well, imo! I love my potatos (except wedges, for some odd reason) and rosti is one of my all-time favourite potato dishes. The first time I had it was in Switzerland - freezing cold - and the warmth that filled my tummy when I gobbled down the simple rosti almost stopped time. I've since attempted to cook rosti a few times and man, is grating the potatoes arduous... So it was with much relish that I tucked into tasted his lunch: the potatoes were perfectly toasted, the cheese was melt-in-your-mouth-superb, the egg was poached just right, the generous amount of wagyu beef was bursting out of the rosti and the cherry tomatoes and chives added the slight tang. What's not to like it? But ZX felt otherwise. He didn't think it was spectacular but then, he doesn't like his beef any way but well done (and technically I'm not supposed to be eating beef any way except well done too, but I just couldn't resist. Sorryaboutthat.) and he definitely doesn't share the same potato passion as his psycho wife. LOL.

[For the record, Bielet ate the pasta and the rosti just fine altho we didn't give her the miso soup (since ZX insisted it was too salty) or wagyu beef (are you mad?!)]

The dessert display. Mannnnnnnn, that cookies and cream cheesecake looks totally drool-worthy. I totally hate it when there's no time for dessert (and dabao-ing it wouldn't do justice so until next time, my dear cheesecake...)

Bielet trying to accommodate my request for a nice smile. But obviously it is not working. To think I specially chose the "Little Miss Giggles" tee for her to wear :(( Btw, that's like her favourite Little Miss character. I've capped reading the book to her to twice a day or else I will go bonkers.

The corner of retro knick-knacks. Love the postbox!

Overall, I really liked the food and can't wait to go back to try out the rest of the dishes that caught my eye (and the cheesecake of course!) Now, just to find a way to get ZX to go with me again... He wasn't too thrilled with the food, as you can imagine, so either his or my tastebuds are wonky. *Please let it be his*

{Sakae Sushi}
Right. Like anyone hasn't been to Sakae. But did you know that they just revamped their menu?

And they have a Sakae Children's Day! Available at three outlets (albeit super ulu), kids get to eat free every first Sunday of the month and enjoy freebies!

(Source: Sakae Sushi)

We weren't there on a Sunday (it was our dinner after our chillax lunch) and anyway travelling from Pasir Ris to anywhere west just for a free meal is ridiculous. Not like Bielet eats much anyway. Back to Sakae, ZX was the only one who ordered one of the menu's new offerings: Unagi Bibinba, supposedly "tantalising eel slices with egg and vegetables served with hot and subtly charred rice". He loves eel and was looking forward to enjoying this dish (especially after a somewhat disappointing lunch to him). Unfortunately, the rice and ingredients were overly chaoda, and he kept drowning his rice in the miso soup to rid the burnt taste + using whatever available sauce/condiment on the table to save the dish. After a painful 10-15 minutes, he finished the rice and the waitress appeared with a bowl of sauce. She gave a curt "Sorry I forgot to give you this for your rice" (!!!!!), then mumbled a "Oh" as she sighted ZX's empty stone bowl and just walked away. Like wth... But the expression on ZX's face WAS PRICELESS and I totally cracked up! And to think Bielet was chanting "neh ni neh ni boo boo" to ZX just seconds before the waitress appeared. OMG, I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time! *So evil, I know. Sorry to the hubby, you know I love you k.*

Bielet offering her Papa some of her sushi. Note the BIG empty stone bowl of rice to the left. Poor ZX...

Last, but not least, here's a quickie on Bielet's fave spaghetti place, Swensen's. (Yes, you read right - she loves it for their spaghetti, not ice cream, altho maybe cuz she knows she can have both here...)

I know I titled this MHW, but the Happy Hour promo I'm referring to here is only valid on weekdays. (We went after Bielet's meet-the-parents session so it was a non-school 'weekend' to us. Bleah.) 

(Source: Swensen's)

It was just Bielet, Mumo and me so between us, we chose the "any 2 ice cream sundaes" deal.

All smiles with their Macadamia Mania and Cookie Summit! I totally heart this photo :))
 (Bielet looks so small in comparison to the towering sundaes!!)

(L-R) Bielet eagerly anticipating her next scoop of ice-cream, then NOMNOMNOM

The kids are gonna go nuts over the ice cream :DD

Have a blast this June holidays!


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