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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

Botak Bie: Today I Am 1 Week Old

My shaven head is a week old today! (Thanks for lending me the card, Bieny)

So I actually did it and joined the Hair for Hope (HfH) revolution last week. It was overwhelming to see the throngs of people who turned up to make their bald statement! And apparently, of the thousand over shavees last weekend, about a sixth were ladies so I definitely wasn't alone. (Not sure whether the shavees who participated in the HfH satellite events were counted in this figure? I saw quite a few lady participants in the facebook photos as well.)

Announcing that shavees registered for my timeslot can start

Overheard: looks like a sheep shearing production line. ROFL. Can't help but agree, though!

My former colleague's hubby and daughter were one of those who tried to sign up on the spot, but were turned away due to the unexpectedly high volume of shavees. 

It was unfortunate that some of those rejected went onto social media and complained about the bad planning of the event, how they took time off specially to come and walk-in, etc. Excuse me people register how many months in advance online and you are whining because? This is for charity, no? Even if you can't participate as a shavee, if you are genuine about supporting the cause, you can always show your support through a donation or participate as a shavee next year. It has already been stated on the HfH website that walk-in registration is subject to the number of slots left open and priority is for those who registered online. It pisses me off that people complain whine rant about everything under the sun. Oops, that's exactly what I'm doing now so I shall stop.

One of the HfH mascots, Hope. I really like the illustrations of the mascots on the event t-shirt. Cuteness!

From the start, we kept snapping pics so much so that by the time I was bald, ZX's and Bielet's faces were quite chao bin. Think it's quite evident that they don't like taking photos. Proof? This pic is one of the first few shots!

That's me in line, looking very tired... My fringe is lopsided because I snipped it off the week prior. Was vain and wanted to have bangs for my big 3-0 IC photo. The passport pic turned out awful, as always, I don't know why I always look like crap in my passport photos -_-"

In my seat! I told the guy that I wanted to keep my ponytail that's why he's trying to saw it off here. I'm undecided what to do with my chunk of a ponytail though. Not sure whether my hair quality is good enough to contribute to a wig?

It's starting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I never said this before but I have a fear of shavers. Even when I had short crops previously, I avoided having to shave my head - and that's why my sideburns were always oddly long and disproportionate to the rest of my hairstyle.)

Good thing my hairstylist started shaving my head from the side. Check out the guy at the extreme left of this photo - his hairstylist started shaving from the middle! Reminds me of Krusty the clown and his counterparts!)

Ooh feeling nice and breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezy! The shaving took a whole of 5 minutes! (My bro recorded the entire episode, see.)

Being extra, I asked my hairstylist for a photo for posterity's sake. My family and friends were like, whutttttttttttttttt everyone just goes off after it's done. Well, these guys have been at the production line since 10am so I think it's nice to make them feel appreciated with a 'thank you' and a photo can! ;))

I was scanning the crowd for ZX and Bielet the entire time my head was getting shaved but I couldn't find them. Turns out they were parked at the exit of the stage so they were the first ones who greeted me! :DD Unfortunately, it was also where the mega loud speaker was so the music was freaking poor Bielet out!

Oh! Do you recognise Mama, Bielet?

Yay she does!

Everyone asked me whether I was nervous about the shaving and I replied that I would probably get jittery on stage. Weird thing was I was a bit nervy in queue towards the stage but it felt alright when I sat there. 

And while everyone commends me on being brave (thank you, btw!), I can't help but think about all those who have to undergo chemo and who don't have a choice in losing their locks. They are the ones who are truly brave - having to go through the tough chemo treatments (losing their appetites, energy and hair in the process). I'm glad that the HfH event has spread wide and far that losing your hair is no biggie, and while you are bringing awareness of the event and showing that it's okay to be bald, you get to raise donations and contribute to research or help patients and their families. Awesomeness!

Thank you to my family and friends who came to support me! XOXO Love you all very muchie!

My family out in full force, including Bielet & Bieny!

With Huijing! :))

And Paula! :D

To end, here's the old and new ME!

Thanks to Robin for all the nice photos!

And if you want to donate still, hop on over to my page here and contribute! Think you can do so until end of August. Thanks again!

Afternote: Sorry for the lack of updates as I have been shuffling around these few days. Will be busy with another writing project for the next couple of weeks too, so I'll continue updating on Instagram instead. (See pics at right, or follow me @bieagoodgirl)


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