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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

Thanks for your nice comments on my last post :)) We did have a really swell holiday. What I especially loved was seeing the hubby relaxing with the girls. No time like family time.

So anyway, here are some photos from our Legoland Hotel stay, as promised. 

Drawing close to the hotel, we were so excited seeing a building seemingly put together by the humble lego brick.

Another look at the hotel from the park side.

Love the imposing lego figurines. ZX and Bielet look so small and vulnerable. HELP!

There are three themes to choose from - pirate, adventure and kingdom. Personally, I wanted the adventure one (think Indiana Jones lego-style, hieroglyphics etc) because I am quite adventurous. Hahaha. Lame. But since this holiday is for the girls (okay for Bielet), I chose the pirate theme.

She loves pirates - Jake and the Neverland Pirates, namely - that even when I was choosing Bieny's christmas gift, she made me buy the pirate set over the princessy one. And she was over the moon when my sis and her bf got a pirate game for her. Bielet also has a Harley Davidson scarf (it belongs to her toy bear actually) which she wears on her head, "my pirate hat". I think she looks more like a docile orang asli than mangly pirate.

Call me orang asli bielet.

So. The rooms. They are located on the similarly-themed floors so when we got to our pirate floor... The carpet, walls, lego figurines, doors, basically everything was pirated (like Jack Sparrow, not fake). I turned to Bielet and said "Surprise! It's all pirates!" To which I got a cool "okay" and shrug of the shoulder. Facepalm. I should have just gone with adventure.

The room itself was really awesome. Obviously I had seen the room photos before I booked it, but seeing it in reality was even better. I booked the standard room (which is the cheapest), or you could choose the premium or deluxe ones too. The deluxe one can sleep up to eight people! In ours though, there was a bunk bed for three children with their own TV and a sign that says "Adults, Keep Out!" Alriiiight. It can a total kids zone because there is a sliding door to separate it from the king sized bed or parents' room. There are lego figurines around the room, including a huge tub of lego blocks for kids to entertain themselves with. 

A monkey sitting atop a treasure chest?

Bielet's favourite thing to do: scramble up and down the bunk bed. 

Even the gardener and butterflies are legofied.

What's more fun is a codebreaker quiz for children to crack open a treasure chest and wowza, lego treasures! Bielet was so chuffed with her spoils - a magnet, keychain, stationery set and a small lego pack. I wonder if they put more goodies in the chest if there are more kids... As for the loo, Bielet was really happy that she had a children's sink in there for her to wash her hands. (She really loves washing her hands herself.)

Caution: If you are the kind who likes to throw yourself on the bed (read: ZX), please refrain from doing so. ZX happily flung the baby onto the big bed and then threw himself on it. Then, he realised the bed is super hard. Ouch. Poor baby (Bieny, not him). 

"But I'm alright, Mama!" Bieny still all smiles to take a beauty shot.

Papa and Bieny

Bielet and Mama

Around the hotel, there are other lego pitstops so you are never far from a brick if you want to build something. So fun! And everything is made out of lego, so it makes for a pretty picture everywhere else.

Bielet happily holding up our hotel envelope. Love that all 3 of us are looking at the camera. Hehh

ZX loved this bike, which could go back and fro. And guess what, the wall is made up of different lego figures. Coolest idea ever.

All these are just the play areas in the reception area! There are other kid-friendly areas like near the restaurant and a pool at the fifth floor, but we didn't play there hence no snaps.

We did venture to the other floors. This is the kingdom theme, I think.

Perhaps stemming from my Disney's Hollywood Hotel in Hong Kong Disneyland experience, I didn't have a very high expectation for this themed hotel. But, we were so so blown away by this Legoland Hotel stay. Of course, that it came with a kids-go-free to Legoland Theme & Water Parks promo was even better PLUS all our tickets were valid for three days so we could technically play our hearts out. The breakfast was dismal though (as expected). If you want more dining options, consider the stretch of eateries just outside the theme park, which are pretty much the same outlets as back home - KFC, Burger King, Shilin Taiwanese Snacks, Secret Recipe etc. 

One of my good friend said her sister cut short her day at Legoland because it didn't live up to the hype. Well, it is a kiddy destination so if you're expecting high thrill rides or the like, you'll be sorely disappointed (as mentioned in my previous post, there are but three roller coasters). That, and the water park hadn't opened yet. For the children, though, it's like a whole new world unleashed because these lego structures and figurines had previously only been in their imaginations - and now, everyone is living their make-believe world of bricks and blocks. Pretty awesome.

We had such a happy family time! Thanks, Legoland! xoxo


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