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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

Bielet is one of the funniest kids around - even my friends say so. I'm lucky that this little one has brought us all so much joy and laughter. Plenty of naughtiness and scolding too, but that's another story for another day....

Part 3 of Bielet's Quirks are some of her pecularities, which while driving us up the wall at times, also are so much part of who she is. Conclusion? This is one odd kid.

Happy October First, my love! (And Bieny too, of course!)

1. She. Talks. So. Much.
Granted she's rather shy if she hasn't warmed up to you, but if she's nicely acquainted with you (or you have a handphone or tablet to share), she morphs into Little Miss Chatterbox. And she really talks on and on and on and on and on........... One of my goodest friends asked me if we find ourselves talking less since Bielet talks so much. Um, no, but the house resembles a market nowadays.

It's especially so when we are all tucked in a confined space, say the car or lift. (Mannnnnnnn, we're never going to hear the end of it if we head up Taipei 101.) She cannot stand the urge to hold her tongue, so if ZX and I are talking to each other at the front of the car, she always needs to interrupt. We keep reminding her that it isn't nice to cut in when others are having a conversation, and she replies, "But I NEED to talk."

After a full day out last Sunday, we were driving home leisurely and Bielet was just doing her usual non-stop chatter to herself. I turned to look and her eyes were closed! But yup, that wasn't gonna stop her from the continuous (incoherent) babble. Ask me for the video when we meet. It was so hilarious. ZX said, "She can't have gotten (the non-stop talking bug) from me. I think it's you." Great.

A screenshot of the said video!

Another screenshot. This was video-ed by our neighbour (on our regular playdate with the neighbour's girl, Sonia) and Bielet was going cray cray belting out nursery rhymes at the top of her lungs. Well, at least Sonia enjoyed the impromptu ktv session too.

2. Ambition to be a cleaner
For someone whose energy automatically dips to negative when she is asked to pack her books and toys up, it seems uncanny that she 'aspires' to be a cleaner. Strike that, she only wants to be a wiper. Whenever she's given a wet wipe to clean her mouth, she will use it to clean the rest of whatever is on the table since that happens mostly when we're eating out. She will wipe the table, wipe the dirty dishes and cutlery, wipe the chair etc etc. And when she's out of things to wipe, she repeats the cycle. That means starting from her mouth. EEK YUCK HELP CRINGE SCREAM RUN!

When she learnt how to open our wet wipes container, she went all loco. Using one sheet to wipe each rung of the stair, to polish each tile, to scrub the wall, to clean the door etc etc. One day, I found her with a mountain of wet wipes and tissues as she went about her cleaning (wiping) duties. I went loco, and made her fold each square and put it in a bag (for reuse to really wipe stuff off the floor). Since then, she has never repeated the mountain-act. #tigermumftw

3. Imaginary colleagues
So children have imaginary friends, it's fine. Miss Bielet has imaginary colleagues and ex-colleagues and teachers. She used to 'work' at HDB but she doesn't pull that card anymore. (Little wonder since I left about 2.5yrs ago!) I guess she does freelance teaching now because she doesn't seem to have a fixed office address. Her colleagues have rather predictable names: Shuda, Fada, something-da it seems.

We went for dinner with my fam and my mum's side the other day. Bielet wandered off by herself to the next table and my jie's boyf joined her, so she started being a waitress and went to get 'food' for him. She returned and to her chagrin, my jie was seated opposite her boyf.
"YIYI, WHY YOU SIT THERE?! My colleague is sitting there," she cried.
"You flattened her already."

Oh my.


4. "I'm hungry"
This phrase sounds like every parent's dream, eh? Except that she only says it when there are snacks around. During proper meal times, it's more like "I'm full." Actually, I'm already quite lucky because Bielet usually finishes her rice and veggies and fruit. I mean, that usually takes a huge effort but she gets the job done (an hour notwithstanding). Then, five minutes after she announced "I'm full", her eyes gleam with excitement as they land on a packet of said snacks and her tune changes to "I'm hungry!" Happens. Every. Single. Day.

Soooooooooooooo busted, Bielet.

She learnt to verbalise that she's hungry or thirsty pretty early on. But sometimes she mixes thirsty up and says she's "drinky". So we figured, she adds a 'y' (pronounced: yi) whenever she wants to do something. When she wants to draw, she's "drawy". When she wants to sing, she's "singy". When she wants to cut, she's "cutty".

Interesting range of verbs there.

5. Her favourite TV channel is CBeebies
Lucky for Bielet, my parents subscribe to the children TV channels on cable (we do no such thing at home). She started with BabyTV, then went on to Disney Junior, but her all-time favourite is CBeebies, the kiddo offshoot of BBC. Frankly, I find having to re-watch Teletubbies - yes, I did watch it during my secondary school days since my cousins were still pretty young then - and their eerie lookalikes in In The Night Garden rather disturbing. But. Bielet adores the shows. (Sarah and Duck has grown on me.)

Teletubbies (Source: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/)

In The Night Garden (Source: http://www.desktopaper.com/)

(Source: http://www.photonstorm.com/)

I started speaking with a fake British accent and Bielet asked me why I was talking like that. I replied that I was simply following her CBeebies characters and speaking in the Queen's English. "No, they don't talk like that, Mama." But then, I got her to start listening more intently to their accents and now she asks me to talk to her in the Queen's English. I have to admit though, my accent is really kaput so don't expect me to put it on for you.

Bielet has recently realised the horror of cable TV, which is endless reruns, especially on children TV channels (the same episodes show within the same day). But she still loves CBeebies. She even knows how to change the channel herself. Whoopdeedo.

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