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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

I've always loved it when Bielet takes over my camera because the gadget returns with a new collection (of a gazillion) photos and they are all pretty interesting. And funny. My only concern is that she might drop the camera (which is usually my handphone) and it spoils...

So when we have our regular playdates with our neighbour Winnie and her children, mummy Winnie usually togs her professional-looking camera and when Bielet insists on being the photographer with that camera, I'm always pretty nervous. Nevertheless, the photos she takes are mostly very artistically framed and I think she has a cool perspective of the world. Look out hipsters, budding one here to conquer your world!

Here's a selection of her photos (obviously we chose the best, non-shaky ones).

I wasn't bluffing, eh. These are some good shots, a lot of 'feel'. Whaddaya think? Which is your favourite? (My personal fave is the one of her tubby little toes, clad in her favouritest pair of sandals. She makes the footwear look gooooooooooooooood.)

To encourage her keen photography interest, I shopped around for some cameras and was just about to purchase one for her birthday gift, when Winnie let me in that SHE BOUGHT ONE FOR BIELET! The little girl was obviously over the moon when she unwrapped the present and went trigger-happy (230 shots in an hour). But, this mama needs to nag and remind everyone no buying such expensive presents for the girls. Not that I am unappreciative of the thought which goes into the gift, but simple presents do just fine - in fact, no presents are fine too. I'll take babysitters anyday thanks!


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