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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

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:: Rockstar ::

Day 40. Bielet and I had a date with my sis ((: Went to Lenas, Tampines 1 for lunch and then a spot of shopping at Changi City Point. My sis had gone to Lenas with a friend and saw there were lots of parma ham dishes on the menu. 0_0 Me = Sold.

Dressed in one of my typical Friday outfits - tank top and jeans! Here's another of my favouritest pair of jeans, black with a touch of gold glamour. The pockets have intricate gold threaded piping. Sadly, my photo below doesn't do it justice. I will post better photos of my jeans pockets another time (also for the other one I promised).

Can you see the rockstar pockets?

Another of my chains from Ximending, back when Emm and I went to Taipei. We stumbled upon a quaint cart with a young lady and her quirky designs. Love!

Bielet dressed in a really sweet baby blue dress with frills and pink flowers. Another sexyback!

The front of the dress - the little design at the skirt of the dress reads 'Heidi Vintage'. This dress is from a label called Hello Heidi (just like hello hansel), which I found in one of the little stores in Toa Payoh ((:

On to our meal at Lenas! Our starter was a parma ham platter, with delicately sliced ham with salad and a refreshing salad. For mains, Bielet and I had the grilled dory cheddar with sides of parmesan cheese fries and garlic-infused pilaf rice; while my sis had creamy smoked duck pasta.

This restaurant is under the MOF brand, which I quite like, and I was looking forward to some great Italian fare. I was disappointed to say I was underwhelmed. All the dishes were so salty that I believe my sodium intake for the year met that for 2013. I wondered if it was just me and my sis being picky, but I overhead the patrons at the next table exclaiming the saltiness of their dishes too. Ironically, the MOF website states that "Our restaurants aim to provide quality and a healthier food choice without the added use of MSG (monosodium glutamate), chemicals, preservatives, artificial colorings or flavorings." Right. To wash the tonnes of salt down, I ordered a glass of water for Bielet and it cost me 30 cents. I thought that normal iced or warm water would be complimentary after that Nando's incident - I thought wrong then. Anyway, it was the first time Bielet drank so much plain water so I guess that's proof enough.

Shopping was at Changi City Point as we wanted to check out Smart Alley for educational toys to add to Bielet's collection ((: We simply adore the store and the great range of toys it carries, especially Learning Resources toys which my bff introduced me to. My sis also got a pair of nude heels from Christian Siriano for Payless, at a steal for only 30-odd bucks! I ♥ Christian Siriano, my favouritest Project Runway alumnus ever! Fierce.

Our stash from Smart Alley - 2 wall charts, a tub of Learning Resources ABC cookies, a kiddy water bottle (all for Bielet), a truck for my sis's friend's baby and another Learning Resources goodie for my friend's baby turning one! ((:

Omgggggg. LOVE.

:: WBW ::
Top : Cotton On
Jeans : River Island
Necklace: Ximending, Taipei

:: WHW ::
Dress : Toa Payoh


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