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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies


:: Luscious Lilac ::

Day 41 was a Sunday, where the hubby and I went for one of his buddies' wedding dinner ((: While his friend is very fond of Bielet, we were worried that she would go loco running all over and disturbing their guests so we parked her with my in-laws. It was a good thing we decided on not bringing her there, because I remembered when we were at the dinner that Bielet doesn't like the food there - at Da Paolo Bistro Bar (read here). Anyway, we had a great time just hanging out with the guys with a couple of drinks and great food. My only grouse was the dessert - there was only one chocolate cake! What happened to nutella, banana chocolate, raspberry, peanut butter, etc?!?!!?!

I had a hard time deciding what to wear to the dinner because I figured all the ladies would be dolled up in their gorgeous cocktail dresses or formal gowns and their stiletto heels. The slope from the road to the bar is KILLER inclined so I didn't want to risk it in heels. And while I have a couple of fabulous dresses, I felt like just wearing something comfortable so my choice of dress was a pretty top and nice light pants ((:

Don't you love my pretty top? It looks grey here because of my shadow but it's actually in a shade of luscious lilac ((: The details of pleats and soft folds are so unexpected too. And guess what? It's the first time I'm wearing it because it wasn't too office-y and not baby-friendly either (I wouldn't want Bielet to rip off any part of the top!)

My cutesy little heart-shaped clutch that I really like! The clutch is covered in black sequins while the clasp is a single white jewel ((: It's really tiny so I could only stuff my blackberry, 2 cards, a note and small bunch of keys. My hands are so small and they look so big next to my clutch, don't they?!

To dress up the outfit, I pinned a pretty black hairpiece from my friend Yules in my hair. Another first-wear!

As expected, the rest of the ladies were dolled to the nines but I felt very at ease with my pants getup. And I was hanging out with the guys so they were in pants, which made me feel better. HAHAHA

I haven't been posting much because my days are just spent being Bielet's babysitter and the hubby's chef. But! Today, Bielet and me are going out with my mum! Can't wait!!

:: WBW ::
Top : Flaunt
Pants : Gap


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