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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies


:: Charlie Chaplin ::

Day 53 was girls' day out at Changi Airport. Time to catch up with my girlfriends! ((: It's so nice just hanging out with a group of your close friends - talking, laughing and just sipping drinks or snacking. Sometimes, no words are necessary between friends. That's what I relish the most. Comfortable silence among treasured company.

Comfortable was definitely the phase of the day, as my outfit attests. Despite the super tight budget for myself in Taiwan, I couldn't not get this cutesy top! Charlie Chaplin was calling to me from across the street where I was busying through a pile of t-shirts for my sis at Shilin Night Market. Best of all, it was just 10+ bucks. Love. The cutout shoulders and dome drape at the bottom of the top round off the top nicely, don't you think?

Two of my favouritest keychains from back in the day. Speckies and a bee ((: Yes, another bag snagged during my uni days.

A pair of dangling earrings I bought for one of my girlfriends from one of my trips to Taiwan (either with the hubby or sis or Emm). Anyway, my girlfriend didn't fancy dangling earrings so I took the shoulder dusters for myself. I realised I really like the oddity of this earring's elements. It can't make up its mind whether to be feminine or edgy or pretty.

:: WBW ::
Top : Shilin Night Market, Taiwan
Leggings : Giordano
Bag and Keychains : Accessorize
Earrings : Taipei City Hall, Taiwan


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