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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

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:: Dreaming Of Christmas ::

The major event for Day 49 was train-ing back to Taipei, with a brief stop by Qi Xing Tan 七星潭 before that. While normal beaches are sandy and pristine, this beach is a vast coast of rocks pebbles stones!

One of my fave photos from our trip's collection ((: Bielet & me taking a nice leisurely stroll along the coastline, although she stopped every few seconds to choose a new stone and chuck the old one. Silly girl.

Brand new top and shorts which I've never worn before. Thumbs up - so proud that this diet by clothes challenge has made me shake the dust off items which might otherwise lie unnoticed in the wardrobe. Hee. I quite like wearing cutouts recently, have you realised? (Sorry for the messy background. We took this at the hotel restaurant just before we left. And no, that's not our luggage.)

Amazingly, Bielet actually wore this outfit first when she was a wee 3 months old! (It was at her very first reunion dinner!) The top was more like a dress then, and the skirt was super high waisted. The red tee is slightly snug now and the skirt fits perfectly. Love how the separates go so well together. Whimsical print of the dreamy girl among a mushroom field, against a galactic explosion of stars and circles in the blue yonder. Pity the peekaboo red mesh under the skirt isn't visible in this skirt though. It makes the skirt much prettier ((: See the first pic for the full outfit!

Love the palette of our outfits that day. Green and red overtones make me think of Christmas and the cosy, happy feelings of family warmth. Just half a year more to it!

:: WBW ::
Green Top : Hollyhoque
Striped Top : Uniqlo
Shorts : Collect Point

:: WHW ::
Top : Sooki Baby
Skirt : Oobi


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