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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

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:: I Spy Swans ::

Day 48. I cheated. I repeated my shorts from Day 17 for the day's look because it was too hot for my sweatpants. To make up for it, I just won't wear my sweatpants for any of my remaining 42 outfits, okay? Silence is consent, so thanks ((:

It was imperative to keep as cool as possible that Sunday as we were to make our way around the stunning Taroko Gorge. Yes, it's totally loony to go on a weekend because you have to compete with throngs of tourists and endless buses, scooters and cars. It was a special occasion though - my bie-day! - so it was a must go ((: What a way to spend your birthday eh? Exploring new territory for the first time together with your hubby and baby? Beams.

Me peering over the edge of the railings into the deep crevasse below us. It's always such an amazing feeling to be but a small speck amidst glorious nature - sheer rock faces looming over you, ominous dark caves taunting you to draw near, bright sun rays singeing your skin, winged creatures welcoming you with their cheery calls... I could just go on. 

I'm pretty much a city girl at heart (think technology, proper loos, air conditioned surroundings, organised everything) but I relish going back to nature still. It makes me even more grateful for what I have. And it somehow fuels me with adrenaline to do what I would otherwise not be able to. Case in point: carrying Bielet in the baby backpack carrier. I managed to do almost 3 km at the Gorge, but wanted to konk during the 1 km walk around the underground mall. Not sure what sort of warped delusions the big outdoors brings me?!

Me with Bielet in the baby backpack carrier. Fierce, huh?

Outfit-wise, I'm glad I chose this cotton top because I could sweat in it like nobody's business. And the deep v-back kept it breezy when I wasn't carrying Bielet. Laughs. A decidedly party top but donned for a most unparty occasion, except that it was my birthday. Looks perfectly fine from the front though, right? As for the title, did you spot the swans? Betcha didn't!

:: WBW ::
Top : Bloodbuzz
Shoes & Socks : Nike
Swan Print Bralet : Topshop
Hat : Esprit (christmas gift from my bro and his gf)

:: WHW ::
Top : Arthur Avenue (bought by Yiyi from Sydney)
Leggings & Socks : Fox Baby


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