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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies


:: Dough Twist ::

Day 71. Hubby got the morning off so we slept in for a bit, parked Bielet with my parents (as she was still sick then) and headed to Forum The Shopping Mall for long overdue shopping - for Bielet's new footwear! We redeemed my credit card points and settled for a little treat for Bielet ((: Previously I used to redeem Topshop vouchers or for nice new eateries to check out, but now, the world revolves around my baby. LOL

Here's what her new shoes from Stride Rite look like, a pair of spunky Oscar The Grouchs! Read more here.
(Source: 6pm)

Seeing as it was yet another impromptu outing, I had to content with grab and go from my lean wardrobe at my parents' again. When you have two wardrobes, don't you always find that whatever you want to wear is always in the other closet? But I think I held up fine ((;

A simple black skater dress that works for all occasions. Quite rare that I wear anything with sleeves that go beyond my elbow, eh? Was rather concerned that I would flood Orchard Road with my buckets of perspiration (eeyuk, awfully gross thought) but the weather wasn't as hot as expected. Phew.
Pardon the odd choice of bag - there was none other that was in this wardrobe. I've since given up this hobo as it is simply too small for all my stuff. This was not made for mothers, although it was one of my favourite bags for work previously.

And my key piece for Day 71 is this necklace, overlaid with intricately strung beads to form twists like cute waves. It looks gorgeous, doesn't it? Except that it weighs a tonne and I think it added to my massive hunched back. Hahaha. Putting this on also made me crave so muchhhhh for fried dough twist or 麻花.

(Source: What's on Tianjin)

Confession: I never knew that this snack was called fried dough twist or 麻花, having simply referred to it as the twisty thing. LOL Anyways, I downed an entire packet of it in one day and it was SO yummeh! Love!

:: WBW ::
Dress : Zara
Bag : ck Jeans
Necklace : Spellbound


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