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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

Baby Talk

In just over a week, Bielet has picked up a few more words! (You might be interested to read on the 3 hardest words to teach Bielet here too.)

A little jumbled "Toewaway" (Throw Away) whenever she chances on a crumpled piece of tissue and crushes it into her little ball of a fist or perhaps delicately pinning the speck of dust between her wee thumb and finger, as she lifts the trash bin lid and dumps the junk.
A jubilant "Appy Appy" as she claps her hands together gleefully and repeats the phrase and action over and over, mimicking someone singing the Happy Birthday song.
Another triumphant "High Five" rings out loud and clear, as she raises both arms high into the air and slaps her small palms against yours.
A stern "Umm" (Come) as she holds out her hand ramrod straight at a 90 angle to her body and then flicks it down, ordering Mitten to come to her side.

Then, she is also polishing her articulation of words already ingrained in her blossoming personal dictionary.
Some of those are Mama, Papa, Grann, Paaaa, Gong Gong, Ah Ma, Yiyi, Ahgu and Shu Shu for those important people in her life :)

She patiently waits for the prayer to be finished before her thankful "Amen".
She loves to have "Muk" (Milk), "Nana" (Banana), "Behhh" (Strawberry), "Biii" (Biscuit) among many other treats.
She leans forward with a warm embrace as she lets out a "Ug Ug" (Hug Hug).
She waves her hand and shouts out a "Bye Bye" before leaving the room you are in, and if you're lucky - with a "Nigh Nigh" (Night Night) when her mama tells her it's time for bed.
She shrieks in delight as the channel is switched to "Baby Baby" (BabyTV) or "oktookto" (Okto).
And while she might be slightly startled when you sneeze, she still empathises with an "Ahcoo" (Ah Choo).

She tells you "Pee Pee" and "Poo Poo" but never when she's on her potty!
She recognises her owls by her "Hoo Hoo Hoo" call, and other creatures like "Dog", "Cat", "Tortoise", "Ele" (Elephant) and loads more.
And she can tell you that the doctor told mama and the monkeys "No more momee" (No more monkeys jumping on the bed).
Flipping through the pages of her storybooks, she follows each line with her finger and loud hums and haws - just as mama would read the story to her.

There are so many more words but unsurprisingly, her oft word is "nononononononononononono".

It sometimes frustrates her when she is telling you something but you don't understand her. She repeats her 'statement' over and over until she realises her demands cannot be met, and proceeds to throw a huge tantrum. Sorry sweetheart, you have to be more articulate otherwise we can't understand you.
And although her "Ahgu", "oktookto" and "Ahcoo" all sound quite the same now, it won't be long before we are able to discern each phase clearly from the other.

I love discovering that Bielet has mastered a new word or phase. The glee in which she is grasping an ever expanding vocabulary fills me up with so much pride. But I also know that I will miss all her little baby talk.

(Pic taken by Godma Emm)


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