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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies


:: Hellooooo Hamburger ::

Day 72 was superb ((:

Went for a major pig-out session at Old Hongkong Legend Restaurant, Raffles City before my sis and I headed for retail therapy around the mall at at Granny's Day Out. GDO has one of the best range of vintage clothing available in Singapore and we have been dying to go there. We weren't disappointed - my sis bagged a bowler bag (pun intended) and me, a gorgeous maxi dress. Can't wait to show it off but it needs some alteration first. Good thing is that you can get any of your purchases altered at GDO before you bring it home (tailoring at one of the nearby tailors though, not in-house). My sister's bowler needed some modification too - the bowling stand was still in it! Thankfully, the friendly Kyra (one of the lovely owners) managed to remove the stand.

For the day, I had on a mustard skater dress and togged a gorgeous basket emblazoned with shiny red sequins and a scrumptious hamburger sewn on. Actually, the basket was filled with Bielet's snacks and I only took a photo with it to spice up my outfit. Like a typical aunty, I was carrying a huge bag with diapers, wipes etc as well as a water bottle; this basket; and of course, loads of shopping bags. I really love this bag but it's simply too small for my mama stuff.

I brought this basket during my first CNY visiting, in the status of wife, to revel in the joy of the festive occasion ((: Sadly, one of our auntys didn't share my love for the bag and labelled it the 'chicken' bag. Apparently, it looks like the baskets that they used to catch and store chickens in. What the...

:: WBW ::
Dress : Dirty Linen
Bag : House of Anli


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