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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

Day 62 was a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng day. In gist,
12 pm: Lunch with my sis and Bielet at Swensen's Tampines
1 pm: Shopping at Tampines Mall
3 pm: Bielet-parking at my parents'
4 pm: My sis drops me off at Raffles City for shopping with the bff (for birthday gifts galore!) - while she heads for the Jason Mraz concert
7 pm: The bff and me reach Brussel Sprouts ECP for dinner with our girlfriends! We need to meet up more often. It was so fun although maybe we could lay off the alcohol bit. Laughs.
10 pm: My hubby and Bielet pick me up and head home ((:

I haven't been doing purely consumerism-esque shopping for a very long time and it was so fun! I couldn't resist the Kate Spade sale so a pair of earrings found their way to my heart (and pocket), sponsored by my birthday angpows. Seeing as my hubby is now the family CFO, I whatsapp-ed him to ask if I could buy a bangle for my birthday and his reply was "Your birthday very long time over liao" )))))))))): As a compromise, I decided on the earrings instead - especially since I have other gold bracelets but no gold earrings - and sponsored it with part of my angpows. Must be prudent! (Admittedly, I have a long way to go...)

Happy Bie-Day To Me!! ((((((:

Outfit time! While I wore a simple tee and shorts for lunch, Bielet put on a pretty pink dress with some small white flowers. I took pics of my night outfit, not the day, because it is more exciting. Laughs.

Rummaging through Yiyi's wallet. Ooh, more money than Mama's!!

See the pretty little flowers and ruching at the top of the dress!

B&W shot of my outfit that day. Taken by the bff at Brussel Sprouts. My favouritest LBD (long black dress) of the lot because it's the most comfy one, and can take me from day to night easily. My sis loves it so much that I bought the exact same one for her so we didn't have to keep looking for the dress in each other's wardrobe!

Clinched it in with my unusual giraffe print ponyhair belt. I was so tickled by this belt when I saw it that I had to have it! You normally see animal prints in leopard or other big cats, so this one was a winner for me.

And yes, the star of my outfit for Day 62 is the stunning silver plated necklace! The family of elephants, of course, represent my hubby, Bielet and me! Reminiscent of my other 'family' necklace (read here) but this one is symbolic of my whole family of three ((: My girlfriend Dy asked me what happens if I have another child? That just means another necklace is in order! Hee.... This necklace is from Sydney, where my sis literally bought it off the designer as none of the other accessories in the stall screamed my name more than this piece! LOVE it super a lot!

Why the penchant for elephants? I think it stems from my Thailand expedition back in JC with my climber bunch - where we somehow squeezed in an elephant ride! Initially apprehensive on riding the giant creature (as I was positive I was hurting it due to my weight), I finally relaxed enough to enjoy the ride. My Dad would like all animals to be free in the wild instead of being subjected to tourist whims and manipulation by their trainers... Instead of going back for more rides though, I've instead cemented my love for the gentle giant which I rode on with many an elephant accessory. That's more neutral, right?

Trying to instill the same fervour for elephants in Bielet too! Here she is riding my Eames Elephant stool. LOL

:: WBW ::
Dress : Toa Payoh
Belt : Uniqlo
Necklace : Sydney

:: WHW ::
Dress : CNY gift from my MIL

Lifesaver Singlet : Christmas gift from my friend Geral
Shorts : Cerisi (Birthday gift from my Ah Ma!)

- Bielet showered with so much love and generous gifts ((:


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