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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies


:: The Poor Zebra ::

Day 70. To the supermarket again. An aunty's got to do what an aunty's got to do.

One of my three zebra tees. Deborah cobra zebra, whatever. This is undoubtedly the comfiest of the lot - and for good reason, my bro splurged on this simple tee from Japan. I know there are plenty of ways to wear it better but I have limited bottoms - seeing as I'm at Day 70 already! *Proud*

Love this bag as it can be folded into a small square and a backpack is always handier than a tote. Must have for vacays! It's also easier to have all my stuff in a backpack when I'm carrying Bielet ((: Good thing backpacks are back on trend, eh? Except that I don't have those snazzy ones.

And just a simple onyx-esque ring which I found while packing my accessories

So back to the zebra. My mum was helping me take my photos and the close-up pics of the zebra made me laugh so hard!



Just like the freelance stories I've been writing recently, here are 'Before' and 'After' photos. When my mum showed me the first close-up, aka 'Before', I burst into roars of laughter - "Why is the zebra so stumpy?!" We had to take a few more shots of 'After' in various positions to ensure that we did the poor creature justice. This is how not to take photos. LOL

:: WBW ::
Top : A.P.C.
Shorts : Cotton On
Bag : Baggu
Ring : Diva


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