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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

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:: Vintage Beauty ::

Day 77. Another wedding dinner to attend! This time it was an outdoor one at HortPark, of one of my climber friends ((: It's always such an honour being part of a friend's nuptials, and truly wonderful seeing the couple wed and revel in all the love from their family and friends gathered in a beautiful setting.

Awww, doesn't Bielet look darling with her sweet smile? 

Trying to arrange (or disperse) the petal arrangement of the walkway... Hee

Bielet and I were both decked out in pretty new dresses (((: Bielet's dress is all the way from Scotland, from one of my mum's penpals. The white floral design matches the beautiful flower arrangements that adorned the tables and pillars of the canopy.

[P.S.: By a stroke of luck, I found out that this wedding setup was done by one of my secondary school friend's sister's company, HP Weddings. Cool!]

As for me, remember the dress I bought from Granny's Day Out that I mentioned previously? Yupp, this was the gorgeous caramel maxi with white floral patterning at the neckline! As you know, I utterly bomb at putting on make-up, so I made do with a lovely feather hairpiece instead!

This is what the dress looks like in its full resplendent glory ((: Modelled by the lovely Kyra of Granny's Day Out here.

And here is a pic of the sturdy bowler that my sister bought during our shopping trip too. Just two of the lovely vintage items that can be found at the store. As everything is exclusive and there's only one piece each, you had best purchase whatever catches your fancy before it's gone!

(Both pictures from Granny's Day Out)

Anyway before I end this post, thought I would share some of our casual outfits earlier in the day when Bielet and I went with Papa on his errands!

That's us at the Samsung service centre. Yess, we travelled all the way to Toh Guan to get some cable for Papa's camera. Yawnzzzzzzzz. It was a tiring drive, especially as it was so early in the morning!

Bielet's sequinned bows on her 'chic' tunic ...

... and which totally matches the plethora of bows in every imaginable pattern on my top! Thanks to Yules who bought this top for me all the way from Japan ((: Another winning collaboration, Uniqlo! (This time with mt ~ masking tape) Am sure my ex-colleague TLJ would totally love this print too!

Loved our outfits that day. Beams.

:: WBW ::
Dress : Granny's Day Out
Hair Accessory : Toa Payoh

Top : Uniqlo
Jeans : Fox

:: WHW ::
Dress : Marks and Spencer's
Hair Accessory : Also from the same penpal in Scotland but forgot the brand after I disposed of the packaging!

Tunic & Capris : Fox Baby


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