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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies


:: Romance In The Air ::

Day 78. Despite the feminine grace of my outfit today, what I did was anything but romantic because it was kind of a work day. Drove down to my editor's office to collect the products for returning after the photo shoot ((;

Posing on Bielet's swing. This was her first year birthday present from Papa and Mama ((: She prefers to sit on our laps to swing instead of swinging independently, although recently she dared to sit by herself. She's growing up so nicely!

To go with the super girly dress, I put on a vintage-esque necklace too. My sis bought this for me when I was preggers. Love the picture of an angel watching over the cherub lying peacefully in its crib.

Was supposed to go for a picnic with the hubby and Bielet but that didn't go as planned. We had our sandwiches and juice at home instead. Sad.

:: WBW ::
Dress : MDS Collection


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