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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

So the school holidays are coming to an end. Hope Bielet is looking forward to going back to school! (Long story, but I suspect she's having a bit of a delay in separation anxiety cuz her last two days at school before the hols began with tears. Sadness.)

Anyway I'm summing up what we did this week in one post so I can finally continue my backlog of travel posts. Excuses excuses, I hear. And frankly, it's all bits and pieces so one long chonghei post is probably the best way to go.

1. The Garden Slug
After more than a year, we made it back to TGS (cuz it was close to an appt we had to rush to after a quick dinner) and we still like it as much ((: love it when eateries maintain their good standards of service and especially food, instead of slipping as unfortunately many do now.

Flashback: Bielet's first birthday party was held here and when it was a rather tight squeeze (like about 100+ in the space since our families are really big and our friends came to share our joy too!) but the nibbles were yummy and we all had a blast. Recommended venue for any event but you might wanna keep to their suggested capacity. Eeps.

So anyways, I took the burger this time (cowboy burger with beef patty, ham and a perfectly toasted bun) and ZX got some chicken breast dish (with ratatouille and pappadum crisps, which was a little too tomatoey for my liking). Also got beverages of hot chocolate and lychee soda, which u can see from the pics. The hot chocolate was awesome looking (must hv tasted great too cuz someone didn't share with me. Lol) with a generous rim of chocolate fudge lining the cup, and the lychee soda was great too. Bielet loved the soda's mild fizz and kept wanting to eat the "eggs" (case of mistaken identify for the poor lychees).

The place was really deserted but I suppose that's usual for a 6+ weekday dinner. Save 3-4 other tables, that was it. I remember it being super packed on weekends! So if you're looking for a quiet spot of dinner after work, come here! (The delightful array of desserts beckoned but we really had to rush off. Bleah.)

2. Food For Thought, Botanic Gardens
I earlier posted on our yummilicious time at their 8Q branch, and boy, I wasn't disappointed this time either! The branch here doesn't accept reservations cuz it really is canteen-esque, where there are large communal tables (tho plenty of 4-seater tables near the playground, indoors and out) and you've got to order and pay for your meals at the counter.

As Bielet and I were there with Godma P, her sis (let's call her Big P) and nephew (whom Bielet refers to as Iantortor), we ordered a table full of mains and sides and drinks then desserts. Wowsie. We all loved our food - rendang, pasta, salad, pancakes, fries and the aforementioned super potato balls (except Bielet as the playground beyond the glass was way more enticing than her fish fingers) and mostly licked the plates clean. I had the grapefruit lychee drink too which was uber refreshing, thanks to the mint leaves and probably the sweltering heat outdoors. (If you're wondering how come I always order lychee, it's cuz FFT ran out of blood orange.) THEN desserts were cupcakes, pandan cake and durian macaroons. Usually I find macaroons too sweet for my liking, but these ones hit the right spot and the durian filling (which burst out from the shell with one bite) was so good! Yes, I think you can tell that FFT has become one of my favouritest eateries in the short span of a month.

What nearly ruined our lunch was the hike from the Orchid Garden to the Botany Centre in the damn hot sun... I drove us to the Orchid Garden carpark (thanks google maps) and we realised that FFT was a good 10 mins away on foot. Decided to wing it with the two kiddos (thanks for lugging Bielet, Big P! Really!) and we made it to the eatery after buckets of perspiration. Then we realised we should have just gone our usual route as FFT is right next to the carpark opposite Gleneagles. Talk about being cheated...

The kiddos still had energy to make mutiple rounds on the playground - and work up MORE buckets of sweat. How do they do it, I have absolutely no idea. (Bielet KO-ed once we reached the car tho.)

3. Other random stuff we did in the week

(Clockwise from top left)
- Bielet colouring a storm at the Nickelodeon booth during the Smart Kids Asia Expo. Having arrived half an hour before closing, we breezed through the fair and just collected loads of pamphlets. Thought this year's fair was better than last - tho it might be because we were more focused and really avoided the booths that we weren't interested in.
- ZX and Bielet enjoying one of her fave books together. It's called "Too Tight, Benito!" and is about a bear who goes on a hunt for a new chubby hole just before hibernation as he has grown (too chubby) for his old one. The best part about reading the book is when Bielet reads it aloud to you (her own interpretation and language), "benito and benito and benito", "Oh no! Too small!", etc. She's so animated that you can't help being enraptured by her lively storytelling & total immersion into the tale of the poor, little fat bear.
- She restarted drawing her odd looking faces. Basically, it's a circle with dots for eyes, ears and nose plus a vertical line for hair and a horizontal line for mouth. This was actually her drawing of an owl when she was close to 2yo but she stopped drawing them after school commenced. Just the other day, she drew 3 such figures (or should I say faces) and pointed to each in turn, saying "Mama" (the fattest and roundest one), "Heidi" (the smallest one) and "Papa" (the thinnest one). Gee thanks.
- Super gleeful with telltale ice cream stains around her mouth. 'Nuff said. (Doncha want to plant a big kiss on her?!)
- One of her reusable sticker boards which I bought to entertain her during the hols. (I got it from the Smart Alley roadshow at Changi City Point, yup, another of my fave stores to shop for Bielet!) This one is a scene around town and there are loads of vehicles and people and road signs. Bielet dubbed this balding dude with a walking stick "A-pa (how she refers to my dad) and umbrella" and some grey car as his too. In the pic above, she's pointing to the balding dude whom she stuck above the car and happily proclaims "A-pa stand on car". Now, that's something I would REALLY like to see.
- The other reusable sticker board, this one is a scene of a farm and I zoomed in on this particular spot because Bielet plonked all the animals in and declared "animals thirsty!" I laughed so hard that my sides hurt!!! Isn't she a darling!!!
- Typical Bielet zzz posture: hug mama/splay legs all over mama/cup chin of mama/poke cheeks of mama. And I love it. Lol. Sadist.
- Hurricane Heidi. Even more 'Nuff said. Faint.

If you've read until this point, then thanks very much. You must really love me or Bielet. Lol. Have a good rest of the Mar hols ((: TGIF!


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