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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

Fine Palate

And here's another foodie post. Perhaps I should change my blog name ;p or at least a re-design.

In preparation of ZX's upcoming mountaineering course, we went to Campers' Corner (yes, again!) to make the final purchases after he decided he had mulled over it enough.
As her papa was deciding on the outer jacket, down and whatnot, Bielet busied herself by clambering up the re-upholstered chairs at the cafe to "read magazine" then playing hide-and-seek "Surprise! Boo!" among the rainbow coloured jackets. In a particular aisle, she was singing her rainbow song so I tried to play along and point out the correct coloured apparel as she crooned the shades but oddly, I couldn't find yellow. She got bored. Then she offered to "help uncle" as the staff went around taking stock and replenishing items from the shelves. Ummmmm...

I think she was hyper after eating all that good food at the next door restaurant, Fine Palate, before our shopping.

We had a relatively late lunch (around 2-ish as Bielet only ended school at 1.30pm) and there was only one other couple in the restaurant when we reached, hence the shot of a very empty restaurant.

ZX zoomed in on a trio of mini burgers in wagyu beef (although he could have mixed and matched with the other option of teriyaki chicken). Period.
I was like "HUH?! You don't want to order anything else?!"
So knowing that that wouldn't be enough for him and Bielet (and me pinching some), I decided on a three-course lunch (and since it was priced at only $30++!), which included entree quiche of the day, main chicken, ham and leek pie plus dessert baked oreo cheesecake. Drinks were hot chocolate and pineapple juice.
OMG talk about pastry heaven. We were really nuts. And they served us bread -_________-
My bum is so growing chubbier as I blog...

Anyway the food looked so gobsmackingly good, smelt super delightful that it was only fitting that it tasted orgasmic-ly fantastic. Adjective-OD.
But you get the drift.
ZX doesn't like his beef anything but well done, but this medium one sat down great with him and he chomped every last bit.
Bielet usually has a poor appetite at lunch because they serve a rather heavy snack in her two-hour class but she took every chance to gobble anything on my spoon.
I, obviously, ordered everything I liked and was pleasantly surprised that it tasted even better than expected. Perhaps the only unexpected twist was that the pie came out in a soup-ish puff pastry (wanted something with a bit more dough, you know) but it was so good that all was forgiven!

The restaurant looks small but can seat 72 in total (indoors and out), and they have options for private dining at home or catering for bespoke events at your venue of choice (or even their swanky colonial bungalow at Monk's Hill Terrace).
Now, if only I had an event to plan for...

My only grouse is: how come ZX & Bielet still don't wanna take a nice photo with me?! (See above.) They always make funny faces when I'm in the shot (pardon my weary look, I think this was the best of a series of consecutive shots already darnit.)


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