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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

Batter Fluffy Flaps

Personally I like going to Katong because it brings back many childhood memories ((:
Even though there have been plenty of changes, there's a strong nostalgic feel to the area. Much to do with the conservation of the shophouses, must be!

We went to Katong Village (restored from a former police station) but were dismayed to find that only Old Hongkong is still operating. Even Waraku and this really awesome Brazilian restaurant (where we celebrated ZX's bday 3 yrs ago) has shut. The place is basically a carpark space for those heading to 112 or the eateries along the road. So decrepit.

Since Bielet didn't touch any of
our dinner at OHK, we headed across and as luck would have it, there was Batter Fluffy Flaps or BFF! Bielet was so excited to see all the sheep figures and plushies outside the store and in the window display that she kept singing Baa Baa Black Sheep ((:

The decor is nice and chirpy, and there are some cute kid-friendly nooks like the sofa and grass-ish carpeted corner with a fake window and child sized chairs. Bielet immediately took to 'riding' on the little blue doggie seat. (Plastic cutlery and plates are conveniently placed at the counter so just take them yourself if required. Anyway this looks like a nice place to have a children's party, as evidenced from the many party pics posted on BFF's fb page too.)

Altho it was just supposed to be Bielet's dinner, ZX and I like pancakes too much to give it a miss. We ordered the regular sized pancake instead of the kiddy ones (the teddy bear one looked so cute tho!) and boy, was it an indulgence - Favoured Favourite Flavours, which read: Our childhood fantasy, a combination of nutella, peanut butter, a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a pile of Horlicks powder and Milo crunch. Yes, and it does sound super duper heaty too. Thankfully iced water is provided (self service)... And ZX got a matcha milkshake which had a really strong green tea and milk taste. Apologies for the bad description but I ain't no milkshake lover, tho ZX really liked it.

Anyway I was there for the pancakes and I LOVED it! One of the better pancake parlours I've been to in a while, I must say. Just the right flapjack consistency (not too thick or nuah) and its buttermilk was tasty on its own. Altho it was even better with the sweet dips and spreads! Between the 3 of us, the pancakes got wolfed down real fast! I saw the other (savoury) pancakes on instagram later that night and they looked as awesome too. Guess who's going back then?

[Update: BFF just informed that they will be launching their new menu with "many more items" tomorrow! So bring your friends/kiddos to celebrate the start of the March school hols!! Woohoo]


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