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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

Changi Eats: Desserts & Coffee

ZX works quite close to Changi V so Bielet and I headed there to meet him for dinner - on a rare night that he could knock off not that late.

We decided to try out the relatively new eatery Chock Full of Beans as it looked rather promising. I mean, touting "Specialty coffee and fine food", it sounds great already right? (Tho I don't drink coffee...) Their website ain't up yet so check their fb page for more details.

Unfortunately as far as eateries go, this one didn't quite make the mark. We ordered the Nachos with cheese (that one can't go wrong since even packet ones taste decent enough) as well as the Bacon & Mango pizza. The pizza is supposedly artisan so expect to wait up to 30 minutes for it. That's good news cuz it means it's made fresh and served piping hot. But, the bacon was way salty for our liking and the mango pieces were miserably portioned. I think the pizza might have tasted more balanced if the sweet mango pieces had been bigger and a lot more. Usually I prefer thin crust pizzas but the dough on this was pretty alright. Ah well.
Apparently the coffee is the main draw of this place. Seeing the uber cute coffee art on instagram, I'm sold already. Lol. Already told my sis about this place so let's see her verdict on the kopis. ZX ordered an unusually girly choice of drink, rose latte, and while he was taken aback by the super feminine presentation (pink syrup and rosebuds atop the whipped cream) he quite liked the drink. Suggested to hold the cream tho.

Bielet and I had arrived earlier so we managed to get the best seat in the place, imo. Big comfy seats for us, tho a tight squeeze for Bielet's baby chair, meant that we didn't have to sit on wooden chairs that would have left marks on our thighs after sitting for so long (ya know, like deck chairs) - or the high chairs. A family of 5/6 came along and settled for that table with high chairs but their kiddo had to sit in 2 stacked baby chairs and I think, only her eyes could be seen from the table up. Poor thing.

After the dinner, we wanted to check out the other eateries along the stretch, namely Chocolate Origin and Crepes N Puffs (or rather just me who wanted to check them out). The former is just a shopfront so there isn't any dining in. ZX did takeaway a chocolate dessert for me when it first opened but it was lukewarm by the time I ate it so I didn't think much of it. The menu had more items on it and I was interested in the cakes but my tummy was stuffed with pizza and nachos, so I'll leave it for another time. There were plenty of customers so I guess the store should be around for a long time still.

As for Crepes N Puffs, it has space indoors and out (like CFOB). It offers yummy fruit desserts like durian, mango, kiwi, strawberries etc. I had a small durian crepe and it was da bomb! Chock full of durian (excuse the pun) but not too overpowering or sweet. Omg I'm hungry just thinking about it. I want my desserts :'(

It might be a chore getting to Changi if you don't drive but if you're nearby or there after an Ubin excursion, it would be nice to take 5 and get a coffee and dessert from the stretch of eateries here. Yummmmmmm. If you have time, get supper from the revamped Changi V hawker too!


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