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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

Went for a press event earlier this week and met two lovely ladies from Hong Kong - which made me reminisce about our lovely vacay last Dec. Yes, I'm sorry that my updates have been wanting of late O_O

May I present you Tai Tong Lychee Valley. It consists of a mini zoo, pavilion, stables and even BBQ facilities. Not sure why it's called Lychee Valley but there's an organic strawberry farm next door where get this, you get to pick your own strawberries and other fruits!

This attraction is tucked away in the countryside of Yuen Long, and frequented by locals rather than foreign tourists. During our time there, we encountered a kindy and an elderly folk excursions. You can choose to pay for admission only (HK$20) or a flat rate for admission plus rides/animal snacks/organic produce (HK$70). We chose the latter because what good is just walking around right?

We decided to take on the horses so we made our way to the stables and trotting grounds. I took loads of photos of Bielet preparing and getting onto the horse that it was a waste not to share them - see slideshow of us horsing around! She was all psyched up wearing the helmet and seeing the horse up close. But all that changed when she was actually placed on the horse. Goodness, the amount of squirming and whining was quite the scene! In the end, ZX took up her ride and trotted around ;) To be fair, the conditions of the ride stated that children need to be at least 3 years old so it was understandable why Bielet didn't wanna ride.

The highlight was definitely the strawberry picking! Bielet lurves these sweet, juicy red berries and was super psyched to be surrounded by rows and rows AND ROWS of strawberries. For a wee fee (we only paid for ZX cuz kids under 3 go free and I sat this one out as photog - plus we got a discount cuz we were the only ones there thanks to the nice man there), we could stay as long as we liked and pick as many fruits as we wanted as long as we consumed everything in the farm. According to the website, there are seasonal fruits to be picked at different times of the year but the farm was huge and we were rather exhausted already, so we settled for the strawberries. Bielet was so excited at getting her hands on the strawberries that ZX had a hard time stopping her from chomping it straight after picking (you have to bring it to the sink to wash off the dirt first)! With ZX picking choice strawberries and Bielet helping by holding the little basket, they managed to get a nice selection of the rosy fruit. The berries were nice and juicy and really fresh! A really refreshing experience in Hong Kong ((:

Getting there is quite a feat - we took the MTR to Long Ping station and then bus K66 right to the end (it's a loop bus so be sure to ask for help from the driver) before walking another 30 minutes via a back pavement. Actually, it's best to alight at the second last stop before the loop because it is closer to the pavement - there's a big banner with the words "Tai Tong Lychee Valley" at that bus stop. Walking to the park is supposed to take 15 minutes but a sleeping baby and no pram meant our hike was doubled. Good thing Bielet was sleeping though, because the back road leads to all the country houses and their startling pack of guard dogs behind every single fence. I guess there's a reason why it's in such a far flung location but inaccessibility is a put off for foreign visitors. A pity though because we really had quite a nice time there.

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