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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

Food For Thought

So I earlier said ZX & I don't do V-day gifts. But a quick trip to Campers' Corner resulted in this:

A new pair of Chaco sandals! My old pair spoilt a few years ago and I never found another (brown) pair that I liked - until now. Heart heart heart. Thanks for the V-day present!

What I like about the sandals is the awesome fit for my arches. The straps are adjustable so it fits those with fat feet, or swollen feet *ahem* (not yet tho, thank goodness). These rugged sandals are suited for hiking and trudging all over the place, although flip-flop sorts might not be used to its thicker sole. I used to wear them everywhere from uni to driving class to climbing ((: Wearing it everywhere nowadays again!

Other than Campers' Corner last weekend, we also made our way to Food For Thought for some nosh. It was already 4pm but ZX hadn't had lunch and I had rushed through my final CNY steamboat.

ZX had his brunch fix with the House Works and I ordered the Duo of Pancakes, banana and milk chocolate. Thinking that the pancakes would be a measly portion like in other establishments, I decided to get a dessert of apple crumble. My bad - as the portions were gignormous! We totally busted our seams stuffing ourselves... I've got to stop over-ordering!

I snuck some bites of ZX's food and the little potato balls were delish. The best was of course my own order of spaceship-sized pancakes, which came with a copious amount of fresh cream and gula melaka syrup poured over the pancakes. Usually I don't like gula melaka but this wasn't as sickeningly sweet as I expected, and ZX likes it so there, we were both nicely satisfied. As for the apple crumble, it tasted a tad sourish - probably cuz the pancakes were sweeter than the crumble. There was a generous amount of apples in the crumble and the mixed berries went really nicely with it. But really, ordered way too much. Especially when the pancakes could have been our dessert.

We thought the food was very reasonably priced and guess what, part of the proceeds from the meal goes towards Food For Thought's causes (see here). The 8Q outlet we were at also has a range of products that you can browse while waiting for your table, and your purchase will contribute towards children's education in East Timor.

Do good while you're eating (or buying) good ((:


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