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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies


Happy Valentine's everyone!! ((:

As ZX and I were in the West this morning, he brought me to Spruce at Upper Bukit Timah for a V-day lunch. It was a casual lunch - i.e. no reservation or anything - and I was pleasantly surprised that he had made a mental note to bring me there (yeah, he thinks of me even when he goes for his weekly cycling expeditions at Bukit Timah *touched*).

The restaurant-bar-bakery is located at the site of a former fire station and the eatery still retains the structure of the station. Its iconic red doors still stand, yup those same ones which are drawn open at a second's notice for fire engines to be deployed, and make for a distinct decor to the eatery (see top right of the photo montage). Plus I super love the laidback ambience - not super atas - and its Charles Eames chairs ((: Ambience, score.

We were there around 1+ and the place was pretty packed for a weekday lunch, especially with the cats and dogs raining down outside. [There is a small open-air carpark in the compound (which Spruce shares with some kiddy enrichment/childcare centres) so prepare a brolly if it rains again!] My pics look like the place was isolated but that was before the crowd came in - plus, most of the patrons were at the other side of the restaurant in big groups. We were at the couple side, I think.

ZX ordered the bacon beef burger while I settled for an entree of wings and tapas platter of squid and beef pinchos. OMG there were so many wings that I obviously couldn't finish, even with ZX's help. His burger was rather large with a side of big, chunky chips so us polishing everything was a feat. The tapas were so awesome that we gobbled everything down. Ultimately, we left four chicken joints so I think we did quite a good job! To satisfy my sweet tooth, he ordered the double crunch chocolate cake with sea salt for my dessert although we dabao-ed it, cuz he thought I couldn't finish it. He was wrong - I always have space for dessert [but since I packed it, I wolfed it down at one shot at home after that!] Food, awesome. The prices were pretty decent for the standard too. I'll definitely be back! Especially for those other cakes I spied on our way out!

If you notice the montage, I included one of our rare couple shots too. ZX only looks happy when I look so damn fat, but anyway... Thanks for the lovely V-day, lao gong! We don't do dates very often anymore so times spent together like these are real special ((:

On a side note, we were chuckling at Glenn Ong & The Flying Dutchman's radio show this morning - that V-day scares the hell out of men cuz they spend time and effort but ultimately still get that gift for their other half wrong (or something along those lines). Thank goodness we don't do any gifts so that leaves ZX out: although I blatantly told him I don't mind the Valentine edition of the Alexa. LOL. The best gift is that he let me give up my job and take on the role of sole breadwinner while I go on to pursue my studies (it will happen, I promise) and take care of Bielet in the meantime. See, best hubby ever.


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