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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

So, everyone seems to have their "30 things to do before they turn 30" list. I'm gonna buck the trend and have my to-do list for the 365 days that I am that 3-0. (Anyway it's too late for the before list cuz my birthday is today. Lol.)

Thanks to my dearest family for my awfully (good) chocolate bie-day cake! :))

1. Go back to church
This is actually my new year resolution but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Five months have flown past this 2013. Seven more months to achieve it.

2. Add to my (our) brood
The plan was to have my family complete with two kids before I turned 30, but guess, when-I-am-30 cuts it too ;)) [Read: "complete" here is defined by ZX and my personal standards.]

3. Spend more time with my family
Since leaving my job, I've achieved my goal of spending more quality time with my family (Bielet, ZX, my parents and siblings). But I need to keep aside time for the rest of my family especially my Ah Ma, cousin and in-laws too. Time flies and everyone is growing up (old) so fast.

4. Kickstart my dream of being a childhood professional
Well, I had many childhood dreams but my passion really is the "set up my own childcare centre" dream. First things first, let's focus on getting the required qualifications to enter the industry and then we'll talk.

5. Contribute to a worthy cause
Have been mulling over this for a long while coming and as mentioned a couple of times, it's gonna be Hair For Hope. Wish me luck! (And support me by donating please, thanks!)

6. Read the news
I'm one of those people who keep zilch tabs on current affairs. And I'm already 30? Trash those tabloids already and pay attention to stuff that really matter and which impacts the future and now.

7. Speak Mandarin
Everyone knows I am super kantang. But it does get awkward when I can't even form a full or proper sentences when speaking to my Ah Ma, Bielet's Chinese teacher or even her classmates' parents. I realised this at CNY when my intonations sounded off and I often struggled to find the right word when conversing. Told ZX he needs to speak to me in Mandarin more often. His reply? No, cuz hearing me answer in Mandarin is too painful. Bah. Maybe I should attend Berries with Bielet (that's in our future plans for her!)

8. Stop slouching
Wah lau. This is ultra tough. But a good posture is so much more than for solid, first impressions. I sure don't wanna end up becoming the Hunchback of Pasir Ris in my old age (or worse, middle-aged!) I blame my dad for my crap posture and the severely tak glam slouch, but I had 30 years to whine. Enough is enough.

9. Bring Bielet to her first play / musical
Oh gosh, the number of times this has been foiled is a travesty. Every time I plan for it, SOMETHING always comes up and ruins it. I fall sick, she falls sick, transaction cannot go through, etc. Am. Determined. To. Make. It. Happen.

10. Write more
Have been slacking off on the writing front due to some minor hiccups but I think I should rev up and also diversify my portfolio (especially in the area of parenting, see #4). Even if that means getting published solely on this blog to my readers / fans - yes, all five of you. Thanks. Love.

11. Make proper ice cream
ZX bought me an ice cream maker when we first got our house but I gave up those lofty aspirations of churning out yummy creations when my first few attempts went awry. Time to dig it out again and succeed.

12. Learn to sew / use a sewing machine
Can't divulge too much on this but it involves an ambitious plan that one of my closest friends and me have been discussing for the longest time.

13. Go on a holiday
We all need to get away sometimes and I think a family vacay is in order. As long as a legitimate stamp finds its way to a page on my passport, I'll consider this done.

14. Take a hike
I love trekking and the inhibitions and clarity of mind it brings, the fresh air in my lungs, the sweat and grime that I bleed, the tug of the backpack on my shoulders, the strain on my calves, the sound of crickets and nature surrounding me... I could go on.

15. Climb my first natural rock
It's been 13 years and I have only done artificial walls. Nuff said.

16. Cycle with confidence
Right, so I can balance on those two wheels and ride on flat ground. But throw obstacles like pedestrians or even pebbles in the mix and I panic. Need to cycle as confidently as I drive. Bonus if I manage to progress to mountain biking, but let's focus on baby steps here. Lol.

17. Get a tan
My snow white skin tone is such an embarrassment. I need to get my glow back, the natural way thankyouverymuch.

18. Try trail running
Well, first I've got to restart running then I'll attempt those tough trails (inspired by a post I read on parenting blog Sakura Haruka). I have tasked ZX to draw up a training programme for me, and hopefully we would have completed our first trail running competition 
before I reach 31. Oh, and btw that's a bonus too.

19. Fly a kite
I dunno how people manage to get their kites to reach those unattainable stratospheres but it seems like fun. I've only flown a kite once with ZX (when we just started dating, no less) and the old Punggol Beach provided very limited 'runway'. So other than it being a nice, romantic, sweet date, the kite mostly ate grass. More incentive to fly a kite was seeing the sheer joy on Bielet's face and her excitement on seeing all sorts of kites above the sky at Marina barrage the last time we were there.

20. Turn off the a/c
Ever since I stopped working, I resolved to save on electricity bills (and the earth!) by turning off the a/c. In recent weeks, I caved in and turned it back on - but at 28deg. Believe it or not, the room still feels cooler than outside when I open the door. But whatever the case, I should bieagoodgirl and just content with the fan.

21. Get up to see the sunrise
The last time I specially got up, walked to the beach and fully appreciated the sunrise was the morning after my 21st birthday party. And before then, it was the morning after summiting Gunung Tahan. I need more awesome memories of the days before those morning after's - then rewarding myself with a bright egg yolky start on the horizon.

22. Declutter my home
A bit hard with kids but this refers to my own junk. I don't need paper / plastic bags in every imaginable size. I am never going to fit in that size 0 skirt again. I will not wear those incredibly gorgeous but ultra painful shoes out. I sure as hell am not going to need that secondary school / JC / university paper I scored an excellent grade for anymore. And is that my first income tax notification?

23. Back up my photos and documents
This is so basic that it sounds a tad ridiculous that I am even listing it. But I take so many gazillion photos and videos then don't even bother to back it up until the hp or laptop dies on me and my heart stops momentarily. Ditto for any other versions of digital works.

24. Sleep
For a chronic insomniac, this is way tough but I should stop holding off on all the suggested sleep therapies and give it a go minimally. That means you aromatherapy, and your friend chamomile tea. Natural therapies first, okay?

25. Drink more water
This was my last year's and last last year's new year resolution. It kind of looked up when I was working and had my Nalgene close at hand. Then it went downhill when I stayed home and drank packet juices / ribena / fizzy drinks instead. Seriously need to have a fluids detox / makeover.

26. Eat more fruits and veggies
I admit I am a food fascist. I only stick to the tried-and-tested fruits and veggies. That means, I have never eaten cherries or avocado or kale or zucchini or beetroot (hidden pasta sauces or mashed with something else is not counted). And I haven't taken bittergourd since my Ah Yi barred me from leaving the dinner table until I finished every drop of her bittegourd soup. Must be more adventurous myself if I want to vary Bielet's palette!

27. Drink milk
Another better dietary choice I need to inculcate cuz calcium is important, especially for an ageing lady like me. I take my milk real cold so the full-bodied creamy taste is masked (on the rare occasions that I do drink milk). Yeah, I'm odd like that. Or perhaps I should just stick with those ginormous calcium pills. Hope it's not too late to save my teeth and bones.

28. Visit the dentist
I am a really bad patient. Ever since my terror encounter with the dentist from hell during primary school, I absolutely hated the dental clinic. She told me, "All Deborahs have terrible teeth" and always made me feel worse than crap everytime I went. Yes, I'm sure that's how you encourage kids to brush and keep their gums and teeth healthy. Major twerp. Fast forward to this year, I met a really nice dentist but sadly, also found out one of my teeth has reached the point of no return. Cue root canal treatment (damn expensive) and recommended dental implant (even more damn expensive and I have no money). So I'm just sucking it up and hoping my teeth stay okay until my next visit to the dentist in about four months. Mental note: bring Bielet to visit the dentist too.

29. Learn makeup basics
Whenever there is a wedding, I simply dig up my all-in-one makeup box with the instructions on how to put on the eyeshadow (altho nowadays I just slap it on anyohow). I don't know how to apply blush or anything beyond lippie / gloss. I think it's time I learnt how to do an actual, full face of makeup. Maybe I need to purchase a new all-in-one makeup box first - how long does it last again?

30. Sing K
Take cover everyone! I haven't picked up a mike and belted off-keys tunes in more than a year, and I really really miss those times. Those cheesy MVs are equally therapeutic. Now if only I can competently rattle off those Chinese lyrics again...

With that, I conclude my "30 things to do at 30" list. Check back with me on 26th May 2014. I hope I would have checked everything off by thennnnnn.

Such a blessing to have my darling Bielet celebrate my bie-day with me the past three years. And counting!


  1. Happy Birthday Biebie! I'm excited for you for #4! There is still hope for what I do, which is attracting people to the EC sector. Since you have plans to run your own centre, you can do your S-DECCE (Specialist Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education). This has the leadership component and you can be considered for a Supervisor position after 2 years experience. :) - <3 Ceedee

    1. Ceedee! *waves frantically*

      Yup, I went for the preview session at SEED a while back and intend to take up the dip under the 15mth place-and train programme next year. Thanks for the info and I'll be in touch soon to ask you more. Yayyys. So nice to know people in high places *whistles*

  2. It's a beautiful list :) thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm looking forward to seeing you tick these off one by one!

    P.S. I've a post on basic make-up tips from Laneige you can check out here:

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka