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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies



I got the sweetest gift from my bff, a dove necklace from local artisan jeweller Saught

Saught, which means "peace and reconciliation", is a social business which creates products from landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXOs) to support sustainability in post-conflict countries. ... Each Saught product is a statement for hope, freedom and peace. By PeaceMakers, for PeaceLovers.
(Source: Saught)

The company's community involvement and sustainable development is very meaningful, don't you think? And each product holds so much symbolism, hope and promise, such as the Pursing Peace Necklace that the bff gifted. Before going behind the story of the necklace, here are some snaps :))

I am a sucker for lovely packaging and this one takes the cake: perfectly square wooden box, understated red round stamp atop and classy gold clasp. Makes the treasure inside even more precious!

The modest packaging continues with a plain drawstring hemp cloth sack and a simple printed logo.

Ta-dah, the gorgeous necklace unboxed finally. Also enclosed is a small card with the company's mission and message of advocacy.

{Pursuing Peace Necklace}
"The dove presents a promise, the hope that there is a better future. Its symbolic presence presents an assurance that there shall be no more fighting amidst the nation; all at war is now at peace. All that was bitter are remade in the freshness of its synonymous interpretations. This dove here is portrayed as the fauna of freedom.

The stalk of wheat is a reminder of humility, for even the tiniest grain in Cambodia is treasured by those who cannot be assured of it. The process of harvesting even a grain is long and painful, yet its benefits as a dietary staple are consumed without a second thought. The wheat here is portrayed as the flora of freedom.

Yet, the unity of both the symbolic pieces serves as a message, the story of how Cambodia has risen from its fall, its long journey back to its former glory and splendour, the direct connection between the two symbolic implications, connected and made possible only by the one who wears it.

May the wearer remember Cambodia's need for support every time the brass dove and wheat are intertwined and be an ambassador of this message to others through the same two symbols."
(Source: Saught)

The necklace is but a little token of love from my bff. A reminder for us to be strong but to pick up the pieces still, to forgive but not forget the happy times, and that Cambodia happened for a reason. It might be a long route yet to healing for everyone touched by the incident, but we will all get there.

Thank you, love.

"Sometimes the hardest part isn't letting go but rather learning to start over." -- Nicole Sobon


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