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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

Had a really happening weekend hence a series of posts I've dubbed MHW, or My Happening Weekend. Lol.
Mamas can be happening too, okay ;))

Went for high tea at Delicious (read here) and SAM, the first of our museums for Children's Season, too (post to come)!

(Source: Blueprint)

While this year is the fourth time Blueprint is running, it marks the first time that I'm attending. What a joke actually, cuz my bank account is at the 'poorest' it has ever been in these four years -_-

But since my sis was game to check out the supposedly-awesome designers, I tagged along too!

For the masses (read: public), the event was held between 18 and 19 May with more than 180 designers showcasing their samples/limited ed items/off-season collections, over three zones on the third level of F1 Pit Building. Think there was some sort of grouping among the zones (like the 'French Pavilion' in zone C and the Taiwanese labels in zone B) but us two just headed to the back and worked our way to the front. As my sis was heading to work, we only had 4 hours (now, 3 because we arrived late), altho it was still bright and early (the event kicked off at 11am and we arrived at midday) - by the time we left, there was a snaking queue just to get into the lift! Had to fuel up *excuse the pun* for our shopping first. Thankfully there was Tiong Bahru Bakery and Broadcast HQ, cuz my sis loves the former's coffee and I had an awesome beef pao from the latter. 

While I loved running my fingers through the organza collars, loud prints, silky dresses and shiny fabrics, I had to keep reminding myself that a mainly stay-at-home-bum cum home-based-freelance-writer doesn't need so many fancy clothes. But it was such fun just going around with my sis (who shopped a storm!) and who also purchased two items for me - so much for no birthday presents. 


One of the local brands which my sis and I stumbled onto, which features very wearable pieces: check out their collections here. There was a 20% off items at the emporium so there - reason enough. I got a simple, classy black A-line top with faux leather detailing at the back from their Hi-Summer Cruise 2012 Collection: Wizard of Oz. This staple can take me anywhere, even when I start work again next year. Yays.

(Source: Asia Fashion Inc)

We got to speak with Sylvia, the lady behind the brand, and she was very warm and open about her inspirations and even giving us more details about the pieces we were keen on. That's what's nice about these sort of events, actually, because you get to meet the people behind the threads :))

My sis also got herself a flowy maxi dress with a lovely romanticised digital print of Paris from the label's latest S/S 2013 collection (among others in her stash). And let's just say we are eyeing several more pieces from the online store! Below are just some that I'm lusting after from the collection :))

(Source: Triologie)

{Chun Ting Li}
A Taiwanese startup label that was only recently founded in 2012, I was immediately drawn to the unusual silhouettes and curious details: check out some of their designs here. My Chinese is super pok but it was so nice to hear the familiar Taiwanese accent of the guy there (we figured he's the designer and man behind the clothes?) - oh, and his cute, boyish looks didn't hurt either! ;))

I tried a couple of dresses and then saw the below version in black. Sold. I totally love the baroque architecture panelling on the dress, in chiffon too, which adds to the dreamy and mysterious feel, eh? Plus it has cutouts (at the shoulders and back, with a cool, gold clasp just for the sake of it). As luck would have it, the dress was going at 50% off too. Awesome discounts right!

When I 'modelled' the dress for ZX at home later on, he commented that the cutouts looked like there wasn't enough cloth for the dress -_-" My hubby has no fashion sense okay...

(Source: Chun Ting Li)

Well, if I shaved off half my weight and grew many more inches, then perhaps I would look like how it is meant to be - that is, like the model above. Lol. Sorry, not gonna happen.

Also, some other brands/items that I liked are (actually there were some more I liked but let's not be so chonghei otherwise this post will never end):

{Ong Shunmugan}

This local brand was so popular with the crowd that our many attempts to try on some pieces we liked were severely foiled. Undoubtedly inspired by the gorgeous cheongsam (among other Asian influences), the label has many ethnic pieces that would fit someone who looking for a modern take on the Chinese classic: see their intricate pieces here. The pieces are produced in limited quantities (or one-offs) and available only through their "atelier, website and a tightly curated guerilla gallery".

Here is the two-piece Tessellation suit that I fell in love with (but the one I was eyeing was in a different pattern of light green with subtle pink motifs instead). Guess I have to make a trip to their store cuz it ain't available online either.

(Source: Ong Shunmugan)


If you need edgy accessories to jazz up your ootd, look no further than this label: see more from the label here. I was besotted with the cool handmade water snake clutches that have actual lionhead knockers! (Yes, as you can guess, I really dig oriental inspired pieces...) Only thing is, why do I need another clutch? Sighs.

(Source: Emblem)

{Cassey Gan}

This Malaysian brand has only recently launched but it already has some really promising pieces, imo: see the collection here. My sis got her hands on one of the gorgeous maxi dresses with a mysteriously haunting digital forest print (and a sheer bottom skirting). We got to say hi to Cassey, who was wearing a similar-but-custom-made maxi dress, and her partner Jacqueline; and they shared that you can request customisation of these pieces too.

(Source: Cassey Gan)

Guess which dress my sis bagged? :))

Hailing from Thailand, this label offers a vibrant selection of the cutest scarves, bags and tops: check out their facebook page. Some of the scarf designs I really like are below! (All pics from Asama.)

Back to School

Love of Beauty

Love Thailand

But as with the other gorgeous accessories, I currently have no use for them. Plus not deep enough pockets to fulfill all my sartorial whims too... 

So anyways, while the international emporium is over, Blueprint still has their ongoing local movement, W.E.D. (Wear Emerging Designers), for us to show support for our local emerging designers! Wednesdays are the days to show your love, and if you're on instagram, check out the hashtag #WEDonWED (Wear Emerging Designers on WEDnesdays). I was spotted on one such Wednesday a couple of months back - see my 5 seconds of fame while wearing my favouritest Hansel dress and bright yellow Pazzion loafers. Lol.

(Source: Hansel)

Wanna show your support but don't yet have a piece of these designers? There are still a couple of weeks where you can stock your wardrobe from select stores in the Haji Lane and Marina Bay cluster (now until 16 Jun 2013). Then from 17 Jun to 14 Jul, get your stash online. Like the Blueprint fb page, if you haven't already, to get updates and also get your W.E.D. pic-badge here to enjoy discounts during your shopping trip!

Happy Shopping!! :)) 
I did!! (All thanks to Jie!!)


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