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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

Had a really happening weekend hence a series of posts I've dubbed MHW, or My Happening Weekend. Lol.
Mamas can be happening too, okay ;))

Went for Blueprint Emporium and SAM, the first of our museums for Children's Season, too! (Posts to come in the next few days)

Realised that I wanted to eat bread & butter pudding a few weeks ago (more than a couple of months ago actually), but I never got around to doing it. Talk about memory lapse.

So anyways, Emm and I made plans to meet on her day off so we agreed to go find some good b&b pudding! [Technically, early weekend because this was a Friday.] From Epicure's Top 10, we (or rather, I) decided to check out Delicious at Scotts Square because I didn't want to go to a hotel just for a pudding and wasn't up for hipster spots with limited parking. Yeah, sorry I'm practical like that. Turns out that my usual parking spot at Shaw was a nightmare that day:
1) Undergoing major renovations, with quite a few lots cordoned off
2) Isetan private sale
3) PLUS I was driving my parents' Suzuki Grand Vitara so we couldn't just zip into any lot we fancied

Faints. By some stroke of luck though, we got a lot just before the turn to the exit! Woohoo!

Loving the colour theme of the restaurant :)) Black, white and teal. Plus warm wood & sleek metal furnishings. Pretty. 

Bielet tried cajoling the birds, next to the huge black cages, to "come down here" but to no avail. Silly little girl.

There she is with her Godma Emm! Heading to the display of delicious cakes, excuse the pun.

Sneaked some snaps of the menu:

Special menu for the kids too. 

And in case you missed the fineprint, it reads "All kids' meals are served with a side of cherry tomatoes, carrot & cucumber sticks with Thousand Island dressing" I think this is such a better alternative to the usual chips, save the TI dressing. And Bielet loves her tomatoes and carrots too so we'll definitely be back! (Cuz the other patrons' mains looked and smelt quite enticing too...)

And here are the dessert offerings. Yums.

Our orders came quite quickly and they all looked so pretty that we couldn't help taking photos. Lol.

Emm's flat white at top

My rose lime cooler off top left ($4.50)

ZE bread & butter pudding!!! (Paired with flat white as tea set at $9.90)

Emm's macadamia cheesecake ($9.90)
And Emm ordered calamari rings too ($8)

As macadamias are one of my least favourite nuts, I only took one nibble of Emm's cheesecake drizzled in caramel. The macadamias are only on top though (that is, not like oreo cheesecake where the biscuit is mixed into the cheesecake). But the caramel was a bit much for me. Anyways, I was there for the b&b pudding so...

OMG it was sooooooooo good :)) I particularly loved the bready top with the icing sugar because admittedly, I am such a pastry lover. And the bottom layers just melted in my mouth. Lovely! If anything, I should have held back on the vanilla sauce because it kind of drowned the bread taste that I like so much - and the pudding wasn't served hot. At first, we thought the pudding had cooled down cuz we took so long just taking photos at the start. But even after we requested the staff to heat up the pudding, it was only warm at first bite. Sadness. I do like a piping hot pudding (with raisins, to be honest!)

Bielet, on the other hand, totally skipped the desserts (!!!) and polished off FOUR calamari rings - one of her favourite sides, btw - which was like a third of the dish. She also really digged the jazz music and kept dancing on our boothseat during our tea. Not sure her moves were appropriate accompaniments to that sort of music but well... you gotta give it to her for effort and she really enjoyed herself, which is all that matters!

Mama and daughter shot. Love!


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