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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

In case anyone thought I fell off the face of the earth, I'm here! Just being a sloth blogger-wise, but technically, I was on maternity leave ;P However seeing as Bieny is already more than four months old (four months and four days today!), that excuse is kaput.

Not that I was lazing around doing nothing though - HULLO with a newborn, it's impossible that you're doing nothing!!! Other than rotating milking and diaper duties every 2.5-3 hours, I managed to squeeze in a writing assignment. Looking back, I think I was nuts to agree to it... I was still adjusting to my crazy new schedule and sleep was scarce (to say the least). But this assignment had been postponed for a few issues and I had really wanted to write it before I popped. So even after Bieny arrived, I was itching to do it.

If you're wondering what assignment, it was the pregnancy special! I posted an insta of the vintage poster-esque cover a while back.

Other than being a mama, I hoped that covering this would help my friends (who are trying/expecting/post-partum). One of my friends who is currently preggers read it and told me it had really useful nuggets of info and tips. I hope she's not just being nice (cuz she IS one of my closest pals) but anyway, it's still nice getting such positive comments :))

I was initially overwhelmed because 1) as usual, trying to squeeze too many ideas into too little pages, 2) as mentioned earlier, super tired cuz when on milking/diaper duty, there was no way I could write - and the start-stop motion of writing killed many an idea (and sure short circuited my fuse a gazillion times). Thank goodness I had loads of help - my mum for looking after the girls when I was going loco writing/interviewing/editing/re-writing, as well as the team back in office. At times like this, you truly appreciate having a good relationship with fellow colleagues (I'm but a small freelance writer but I feel the lurveeeee). Of course, we couldn't fit everything we wanted within the 18 pages - already damn a lot! - but I really hope that mummies-to-be or new mamas enjoyed reading it. Not many readers write in to say that they liked the issue or stories. (Me included, even though I might have read a magazine from cover to cover a few times, bookmarked ideas or tips, or even purchased some of the oh-so-irresistibly-gorgeous buys.) But as long as it DID benefit someone, then it's all good.

So while I was off-the-radar during my sixteen weeks of 'maternity', I was actually slogging it out at home from six weeks post-partum. Siao. When I had Bielet, I was really hands off work - but I was on paid leave see, unlike now where I only have pocket money when I accept assignments. Good thing I'm enjoying my articles!

If you know someone who needs help being preggerific, buy our Oct 13 issue before it sells out (or maybe, when Nov 13 hits newsstands lol).


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