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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies


No Piece of Cake

It's not quite Bielet's birthday yet (she turns THREE next Friday!) but we are gonna have a mini celebration in school this coming Monday. She's the baby of her class because every other kid has turned 3yo.

So anyway, when her classmates started celebrating their birthdays, I thought "oh, how nice!" cuz Bielet would come back with cute little gifts/snack packs - like how I used to get those in school - and that was it. Then on MY birthday, it so happened that I dropped her off at school and one of her classmates was having his celebration that day. And that's when I saw all her other classmates armed with presents for the birthday boy. Whuttttttt. There must have been three other birthdays by this point and Bielet has never brought a gift. Although! She did ask me to buy a present for the kid's birthday the weekend before this celebration but I just brushed it off with a "need to buy for what?" I never recalled having to buy presents for all my classmates last time. Just the close pals, right?

But I have frozen my memory in jurassic times. Because nowadays, children have the luxury of having a huge bash every birthday - and it gets more lavish each subsequent year. Gone are the days of a pop-downstairs-to-void-deck-bakery-and-get-little-square-chocolate-sprinkles-around-the-side-cake-with-maybe-spiderman-topper. Now if you don't have fondant on your (five tier) cake, which incidentally you ordered 1.5 months in advance, you're out.

Bielet's cake at her first birthday party. Lol. She's in.

What happened to the good ol' days when parties were reserved for special occasions, like achieving/commemorating a milestone? My only parties were when I turned 12 (heading for secondary school next year y'know!) and 21 (adulthood). You don't say... Actually now to think of it, I (we) had a solemnisation ceremony then the tea ceremony/wedding dinner the year after -hullo, digressing, woman!- plus both girls had one month parties and Bielet had a big 1yo bash. But that's it. No party when she turned 2 - actually no celebration even cuz this mama was flat in bed that week from morning sickness. (Yes, call me Kate Middleton.)

I might not have prepared anything for Bielet's 2nd birthday, but her Godma did! Certified. My bff is the sweetest ever okay.

Close-ups of Bielet's Babytv-themed 1st birthday cake and cupcakes!

And this was us with the wee cherub, one month old! This was a jelly cake that ZX managed to find online. Ah, the wonders of Google.

As for Bieny, we wanted to order her one-month cake from the same jelly cake baker (?) but there was no reply. So my Ah Yi got two Awfully Chocolate cakes. More yummy anyway!

ZX, on the other hand, didn't even have the habit of celebrating his birthday when we got together. I distinctly remember his reply, "Birthday? Celebrate for what? You go celebrate with my mother since she's the one who gave birth to me." What the ×¥_&/;÷(×(_ so attractive hor, him. In fact, I think I had to persuade him for quite some time to even have a one-month and first-birthday party for Bielet. He has come to terms of my family celebrating birthdays, mothers'/fathers' days, Christmas etc already but when it comes to parties, I think his stand is quite clear. That's NO, by the way.

And back to Bielet's classmates' celebrations in school, the gift packs kept becoming more and more extravagant. I baulked when she got a playmobil set from another birthday boy. Like seriously?!?! You know how to spell s.p.o.i.l.m.a.r.k.e.t. anot...

Well, I started out this post wanting to blog about my prep for Bielet's party, and what I packed for the kids. Guess that was a dud cuz I'm so tired after whinging. Perhaps I'll update after we have the celebration. IF we have a celebration. The little one is having a bad, phlegmy cough and I told her to ask the Lord to bless her to get well soon, to which she included in her prayer "Dear Lord, please protect me." Wow, talk about covering your bases. My little 2-going-on-3 baby. Be all better soon!


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