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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

Can you believe that my baby has turned 13mo? Bieny has blossomed so beautifully, not just filling out her cheeks and growing into her doll-like features, but in the way she interacts with her sister and us. It always warms my heart to see the two girls play with each other, share their favourite toys (okay, most times grudgingly!), give the other a hug or kiss, sneakily stuff their faces with snacks when they think we aren't looking... This list is endless!

I loved jotting down Bielet's quirks and while an update on that is long overdue, I wanted to start one for Bieny too. If you're thinking: how come this lazy mother is not bothering to come up with a different, catchy phase for the little one, I CAN'T! Like literally. Totes wrecked my brain left right centre but nothing stuck. So I'm just sticking to quirks. I liiiiiiiiiiike.

1. Pat pat
When Bieny is afraid or she needs to calm herself down after accidentally choking on some food, she pats herself on her chest. Imagine that little hand with five chubby fingers (four chubby fingers and a large baby thumb, whatever) going thump-thump-thump, as she rounds her eyes and mouth for dramatic effect. It's the cutest thing ever, trust me. Especially if you cough and she pats you. When she does something wrong, though, she skips the pats and just waves her hands up in the air (ala mock it-wasnt-me flailing). For a small kid, she is surprisingly alert. One time I rapped her for taking a sticker (she's banned because she eats them all) and she looked away while desperately trying to shake the sticker off her hand. It was a major fail meme moment, but probably also the second cutest thing ever. 

Said arm flailing

2. Semi Miss Chatterbox
Unlike Bielet who talks and talks and talks AND TALKS, Bieny comes across as quite subdued. All that seems set to change because she can call jiejie, papa, mama, manny [a combi of 'ma' (from 'mama') and 'ny' (from granny), for Granny of course], a-pa [what Bielet calls Grandpa too] and does it all day long. She could say yiyi previously, but I think I might have been somewhat harsh on her (what's with calling my sis 'yiyi' before saying MAMA?!) and she hasn't called my sis since. Oops. In other news, she also knows amen (mostly, it's menmenmen), where (if you're lucky, sometimes with the outstretched, upward palms), there (with accompanying point of the finger), baby, dog, bird, apple, bb (for banana), light among other imperceptible babbles... NOT BAD RIGHT!

3. Leg wag
Okay, this is probably because Bieny spends too much time with my bro's sheltie. From where she's usually perched at in her walker, it's the perfect height - of the doggie's wagging tail. And Mitten (our sheltie) is known for being overzealous and enthusiastic, so the tail probably wags a bit too much. Just like how Bieny's leg (mostly the right leg) wags a bit too much. There was a time this placid baby only showed her pleasure with this leg wag: slightly amused = a couple of leg swings, happy = a couple of leg swings and maybe, an upturned mouth, over the moon = rigorous rocking of the leg, upturned mouth (maybe teeth too!) and at the extreme, you get a rocking belly dance too. For the record, it only happens when she watches the Let It Go singalong video. Baby addict.

I don't have any pics for her leg wagging stunts, but she usually has this mega chuffed look accompanying the rocks.

4. Jin drama (translation: very dramatic)
Bieny has been dubbed "jin drama number one" in the family. The rank order is arbitrary, because Bielet randomly assigned the rank number (she said she's number three and my bro is ranked number two - but if you know my bro, he's the least dramatic person in the world). But actually, Bielet might be on to something. Because Bieny is ULTRA dramatic. When she throws a temper, she flings herself either fully forward or backwards. She could be seated in her walker, on the floor or in someone's lap: doesn't matter. I've lost count of the number of times her head had a full on collision with the chair back, floor, wall or even that someone's chest. Oh, and did I mention, the uncountable decibel range of her accompanying shrieks? All together now: jin drama.

Screaming as loud as she can

5. Goodbye kiss 
As you would expect, Bieny has mastered quite some actions. Other than those above, other notable actions include turning round and round while seated on the ground (using her heel to manouvere her spinning), high fiving the whole world (even when we're high fiving each other, and not her, she raises her hand for your palm - demanding for seconds, sometimes thirds), making weird noises by popping her arm in and out of her mouth (ask to see her video), and throwing her legs up and down lying in bed. She also does a fairly normal wave of the hand to say goodbye, but it's her "goodbye kiss" that is classic. First, it was a raise of her hand to the nose instead of the mouth (a bit off, never mind, give chance). Some time later, it became a finger to the nose (her favourite daily action, btw, to see the ewwwwwwwwwwwwww response of everyone around). Then, it was a finger into the mouth maybe because that time had bad teething pains too). Next, was a hand to the forehead (getting in on salutes to Papa early). And now? Back to the finger in her nose. EW.


6. Kiss
A tad more civilised than her goodbye counterpart. When you ask for a kiss, Bieny actually dips her head towards yours and plants a smacker. I love to disturb her and ask for multiple kisses. Hee. She's so used to her crazy mama that just the other night, I laid next to her while she rolled around in bed and every time she rolled to me, she would aim a kiss on my lips. These times are really precious, 'kay, because Bielet doesn't like me to kiss her anymore. *WAILS* 

7. Spoon and cup
For some time now, Bieny's favouritest toys have been a spoon and a cup. Any spoon and any cup, actually. (It used to be a pen - which was what she chose during her first year birthday traditional crawl too!) Now, she grabs from the masak masak box or off the table during mealtimes. She is really focused when she stirs the little spoon in the cup, then proceeds to feed herself (pulling out a very slobbery spoon) and then whoever's next to her (umm thank you but no thank you). Another thing she loves doing with the spoon and cup is to tap the inside to make a kok kok sound. Funny!

(Thanks for the brilliantly captured snap, Winnie!)

8. Sound of Music
This little girl loves her sound toys. Whenever we go out, I always make sure there's at least one toy with loud noises and many buttons to press so that she's sufficiently entertained. Those books where it starts singing a different nursery rhyme or song when you turn the page is one of her favourite toys. Also, my cousin and her husband bought a walker-cum-motorbike for Bieny's first birthday and it has super, awesome loud jingles. Bieny loves to ride on the motorbike, just to push the buttons, then maybe she'll kick around to get forward. It's quite unglamorous, to be honest, but hey as long as you get from A to B right?

Bieny more intent on pushing the buttons

But she looks SO GROWN UP here, doesn't she? Thanks Doreen & Gerald for the wonderful gift :))

9. Selfies
Yes, we have arrived, haven't we. I take so many photos of Bieny that she gets all excited when I change my handphone to selfie mode. She doesn't preen or pout, thank goodness, but she delights in crawling to the phone and poking her fingers all over the screen (her face). That results in many failed pictures, obviously, but I still download them all anyway.

Even Bielet wants more action packed shoots!

There's so much more but these round up my favourite quirks of my littlest girl. The older you get, the funner you are, Bieny. Mama relishes all the time spent with with you, hearing you laugh, making you cry so I can get the warmest hugs, chasing you around the house so you're all sweaty and clammy but still the best smelling baby in the world to me. Mama loves you xoxo.


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