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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

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Then, to Seminyak

Travelling from Ubud, we stayed our last evening and day in Seminyak. There's definitely much more traffic (vehicular and human), so it was such a pleasant surprise when we pulled up at our very peaceful accomm - Villa Kresna Boutique Suites - tucked away from the bustling streets. Swathed in white, the lodging looked pristine and real swanky. Oh, and our room was really big and clean so we just let the girls crawl all over the floor! Slightly over S$100 for the night, it was a steal, especially for a beachfront accomm! (Thanks, Asiarooms!)

Chilling out at the lobby while waiting for our room keys

We wanted the bigger room but I lost the fastest fingers first battle, so we had to 'settle' for this oh-super-as-well-huge room. Worked out still, eh?

If your first reaction is: how come the TV isn't facing the bed? (read: ZX) The TV can be tilted to the side.

Love bathrooms where natural light streams in. The window couldn't be opened but this was good enough!

There's even a lounge right outside the door (overlooking the pool) for you to relax.

We went for a dip in their large pool because it was SO HOT and the waters looked doubly inviting. This pool is much more child-friendly than our previous accomm because there is a much shallower end and steps. The girls were super happy to splash about!

The view from on top!

Bielet found a kickboard and they decided to have a go at it

Picture perfect

Night 3
After that, we walked out to get some nosh and hello, turns out we are right at the junction where Ku Te Da is. Well, that's the closest we will ever get to the club. Lol. We turned towards the stretch where the restaurant we intended to have dinner and came across loads of other interesting-looking eateries and shops.

This narrow lane caters for two-way traffic AND pedestrians. To say it was a harrowing experience is cutting it fine.

One of the burger joints that we wanted to try, but we had no time to!

Makeshift petrol stand

This American-styled diner looked real cute, but there were zero customers both times we passed it (there and back to our accomm)

It seemed like a loooooooooong while before we finally reached our dinner destination, Biku, and another hello because it was opposite W Hotel (close enough). I chose this restaurant because it's supposedly good for families. But more than that, this place has a book store, sells cool knick knacks around the restaurant and is also a tea lounge. What a pleasant surprise! :))

The store sign was rather inconspicuous but we spotted it anyway!

The interior of the restaurant, and a peek into the range of offerings on sale

This place was recommended for its kid-friendliness and how!

Complimentary colouring materials to keep children entertained before the meal is served

Can you spot Bielet's piece? (Hint: somewhere in the middle) And if you're sharp enough, you would have noticed a basket of toys, at the bottom left of the picture, for mini patrons to busy themselves with.

And what I really liked was the full menu for kids. You know how some eateries just have one or two food items for children. It's such a half-hearted attempt to feed the little ones. Not here, there's even kid-friendly tea options!

And while we were sold on the restaurant concept, it was ultimately the taste test which won us over :)) Unfortunately, my memory fails me as to what we ordered (I do remember desserts were kiddy strawberries and cream, my banofee pie, ZX's mulberry pie AND THEY WERE SUPERB) - but here are the pictures!

Sorry the pictures aren't fantastic because (as usual) I'm carrying Bieny while trying to snap decent shots.

(Produces proof of sleeping baby)

But she woke up towards the end of our meal and we got one of the service staff to take this really nice family shot :)) Love.

While Bielet takes over my mobile and snaps another gazillion photos.....

Dinner was another satisfying meal for the tumtums (see Ubud eats), and we hailed a cab back to the hotel after. The flag down rate was 600RP (which is like 60c sing) and by the time we reached our hotel, it had gone up to 1,500RP (S$1.50!)

Day 3
Same format of breakfast at this accomm (i.e. a choice of main). I opted for a healthy egg white, mushroom and spinach omelette. All my favourites rolled into one (yes, I don't like gooey, yucky yolks).

Bedhair Bieny

My yummeroos

Bielet highly unamused at having to pose for everything. ZX's noodles were real good too, btw.

We kind of got to breakfast late so our pickup was already waiting for us. Bielet was super excited because we were headed towards the beach for her pony ride! It was one of the rides offered by Bali Horse Adventure, and ZX could get his horse riding fix too. (I just popped Bieny into the carrier and we followed the horses on foot. My foots. My aching foots.)

Bielet making friends with the doggies. She wasn't afraid of the big dogs either. Consider me impressed.

A ne hiao. I liiiiiiike.

Bielet all saddled up

Papa's turn

And so, the horses trotted along


And further


(With the cows)

I finally caught up with them by the sea. Check out the (odd) surfers - the irony.

I managed to get a shot of BOTH of them :)) Mega pleased.

The last three pictures we bought from the company's engaged photog. Lovely captures, aren't they? I couldn't go as close to the shore as their photog because

The babysitter was in da house (like really, we sat at one of the beach huts)

It must have been quite an experience for the little one, as she trotted alongside the crashing waves. She looked like such a pro! Frankly, we were afraid that she might get restless or scared because the entire pony ride was 30 mins. But she thoroughly enjoyed it (even when Papa went off for his extended horse ride and she had to ride alone, though Bieny and me were always in her sight) and kept flashing me a smile. I WAS SO PROUD!

Spot Papa

Bielet wanted to play in the sand and build sandcastles, so after we were dropped off back at the hotel, we headed to the beach again! It was a mere 5 mins away. Woohoo~

We wanted to quench our thirst with ginormous coconuts so we plonked our behinds on these deck chairs and big brolly. (Afterward we realised that these seem to be available only to hotel guests - there's another hotel another 5 mins away in the diagonal direction - oh well.)

Bielet getting down and dirty. The sand was really hot!

Check out the size of that coconut! There was sooooooooooooo much coconut water that I left about 1/2 behind. Super refreshing on such a scorching hot day. The flesh was hard and inedible though.

Our version of a family photo. Mama legs to the left, Papa legs to the right, Bieny head in the middle, Bielet head far right.

How nice to take a selfie with Bieny WHEN SHE'S AWAKE FOR ONCE

Papa had wash-Bielet-limbs duty

By this time, Bielet was probably really tired but we had another surprise in store for her: Lollipop's Playland, which is a super big playspace, with indoor and outdoor/water play areas! Okay, honestly speaking, I was a little taken aback when we arrived because it was non-airconditioned (unlike what we're used to back home, and say, Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park) but that's just the spoilt me speaking. The girls' eyes lit up and to say they were super psyched to get started!

It being a weekday (i.e. school day), there were hardly any others and it felt like we rented the place for ourselves. The staff here aren't just coordinators, they actually played with the girls! ZX and I kicked back and slumped over our mobile phones (free wifi, btw). Woohoo~ Since the weather was sweltering, we didn't let the girls venture outside though there was lots to do (water area, climbing/obstacles area). Anyways, they were quite spent by this point, so indoors was plenty enough.

Suitable for older kids to fall over themselves

But the tots aren't forgotten too

Bielet on her gazillion jump. Hands down her favourite activity.

By the time we reached the airport that evening, we were mega pooped. And our flight had to be delayed by three to four hours. -_______________- We ended up sitting on the floor of the departure lounge for ages but I managed to rock Bieny to sleep before we boarded the plane *phew* while Bielet KO once we got up. Actually, me too. ZX still had energy to eat the inflight meal! Unfortunately, it tasted like cardboard and he didn't get very far. On his flight to Bali (he went alone, remember?), he got upgraded to business and he even enjoyed some bubbly. @($*#&%&#*($ I told him the food in cattle class sucked big time and he had to agree. He said it was world's apart. Ah, to be rich.

Ending off this really long post with some stills from ZX's gopro. We look retarded but we had such an awesome time in Bali. We'll be back.

Bye from the Chennies! 


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