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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

{Reviving this 'My Happening Weekend' series. I'm not very happening nowadays but I try lol.}

Most parents would head to Eatplaylove Cafe if they are around Aliwal Arts Center with the fam, but you shouldn't pass up A for Arbite. Especially if you want to satisfy your tummy. True, the crafts at Eatplaylove would entertain the kids more (see my post on our playdate there) but there's lego for kids at A for Arbite too!

The Aliwal Arts Center is housed at the former premises of Chong Cheng and Chong Pun schools, and the classroom vibe at A for Arbite is obviously a nod to the heritage of the building. Their long communal tables are perfect for families or big groups (don't worry, you won't find rickety old chairs here) and their chalkboard of specials that greets guests as they enter is a nice nostalgic touch. Around the counters, you'll spot lego decor and if your little ones are itching to nick one, just ask them to approach the uber friendly service staff for a jar or two of lego to play with (regular lego, no duplo here). We were seated by the entrance and Bielet found herself pickup sticks and kuti kuti too - she kept trying to use the 'rod' to 'fish'.

Everything on the menu seemed really yummy but we finally settled on these:

Bielet with her kiddy nuggets (which Bieny shared!) and our pork vol-au-vent starter. Loved the flakilious vol-au-vent pastry. I could eat three plates of these!

The little munchkin ate her porridge that we brought and HALF a nugget! 

Fries buah keluak for ZX (yes, he's still overseas but I miss him, can?) None of us like buah keluak though - my mum thought it was a choc dip - so maybe I should have left it for ZX to order himself when he comes back...

Jie's and her bf R's starters of crab cake and escargot. Nice, but not as good as...

My salted egg crab penne special. OMG, IT WAS SO SUPER DELISH. And I don't even like soft shell crab! There was so much crabmeat and roe to go around that as much as I stuffed myself, there was still a wee bit left over. And in case you were wondering, it wasn't too salty and it went down (surprisingly) really well with the pasta and crab. Must eat when it's nice and hot though, because it tastes quite bland and icky when it cools down. To my delight, it seems like they will be adding this dish to their regular menu. Hurry, date me for lunch there now!

My mum had the pan-seared tuna with teabroth. This was my first choice but after me mum ordered this, I decided to choose the crab. (And I'm soooooooo glad I did!) I prefer my tuna more tataki so this was a tad 'over' cooked for my liking but just the way my mum likes.

R had the squid ink tagliolinni. Would you just look at that generous serving of seafood that comes with the pasta!!!

And don't ask me why my sis only took a lobster bisque for her main. (She is the queen of soups though.) Got so much good food, Miss!

It was unanimous: we love the grub at A for Arbite. Be back soon!

From demure to MONSTER: "I want my nugget," she screams (if she could talk).

Uncle R hard at work

And also entertaining Bieny!

The girls love the rocking chair (sorry mama can't afford it though I would love to have it too!) And did you spot the pickup sticks and kuti kuti in the jar on the shelf?

Ps. We went two Saturdays ago, when Bielet was at the peak of her 'draw money' stage. She drew out loads of circles (coins, apparently) and she tipped our service staff with a couple. He gamely accepted them and thanked her for her "child tender" money. Such a nice gesture, eh? Bielet was so proud to have paid for us! Lol. Excellent service FTW!


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