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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

Decided to archive my dayre posts here so that if I ever delete that account, at least my posts are saved here. If you follow me on dayre, just skip these flashback posts that I'll be gradually exporting over!

Day 76: Crafting at Eatplaylove Cafe

Today marks the first day of the march school holidays. And while there are truckloads and truckloads AND TRUCKLOADS of events going on, we just wanted to go to the Childrens' Gardens at Gardens by the Bay. From all the blog posts I've seen, that place looks awesome and soooooo much fun for the kids.

So it was a no-brainer that I suggested it for the girls' playdate with Ian. As I was checking out opening time and carparking, I saw this terrible line:

“Closed on Mondays.”

So at 11pm, we had to come up with Plan B. I threw up plenty of suggestions (thanks to stalking all the family blogs on a regular basis haha) and the final call was Eatplaylove Cafe. This cosy place has had nothing but rave reviews for its kid-friendliness. There are supposedly many many crafty activities to occupy children while parents can chill with yummy food.

Sounds good, eh?

Look at that array of craft kits just waiting for the kids to go wild over! It didn't take Bielet long to decide she wanted the doll.

There are sticker sets (felt ones, foil ones or even small shiny mosiac ones), doll making kits (eatplaylove's in-house designed dolls, which Bielet chose, or even sock monkeys), plane assembly sets, shrink plastic sets (you doodle on a special laminate and the plastic shrinks to a miniature version after toasting for 1-2 mins & you can make your own earrings eg)

Alternatively, if you want to occupy your child for a longer period of time, purchase the one-hour session credits where you have unlimited use of craft and colouring materials. I saw some other kids do their own necklaces using raffia string, crepe streamers and coloured hard styrofoam-ish penne-shaped materials. If you like, some other ideas are pinned up on the board.

Just let your creativity flow!

As mentioned, Bielet chose one of their in-house designed doll sets. She had been showing Ian, Godma Paula and Aunty Pauline photos of her Legoland and Barneyland holiday, and was pretty hung up on Angelina Ballerina so she chose a ballerina doll. (I'll blog about it on my bieagoodgirl.blogspot.sg soon)

Here's what some of their finished dolls look like. Super adorable, right?

Starting with none other than her favourite blue...

Ian came to join her at the craft table (you can choose to do your artsy stuff as you dine, or join the kiddy crafts area at the corner of the shop).

And here's the final doll, whom Bielet named Tutu :))

She actually did a really good job on the colouring and stuffing right! (Yes, you can choose to have the pre-stuffing set, $25, or already-stuffed set, $27.50.) Except for the little bit more green than intended on Tutu's face. Well, whaddya know, this ballerina has an advant garde hairdo! Hehh.

Quite typical from the front, and a whole load of grunge at the back too.

Bielet immediately cradled Tutu afterward. "Tutu's very tired," Bielet announced.


 Eat PlayLove Cafe

Thankfully we managed to have a swell playdate! We survived the monday blues. And you?


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