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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

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Trick Eye Museum at RWS

For a couple of months now, the girls have been having weekly playdates with the neighbour's children, Sonia (who is 2yo) and Arnold (who has just turned 6mo). I never thought of playdates as structured activities, to be honest, but since their mummy Winnie is really enthusiastic and puts so much thought into each playdate (playdoh, veggie printing and painting, a lavish picnic at the condo grounds etc), I figured I had to step up. Can't just go with the free play idea, right? #lazymama. But that's another story.

Last week, Winnie suggested bringing the little ones to Alive Museum for a fantastic photo op. However, me (being the rebel) counter-suggested Trick Eye Museum instead - but for good reason! Yes, Alive has the better location (Suntec over RWS) but from the deluge of pictures I've seen on IG since both attractions' openings, I felt Trick Eye had more convincing illusions, thanks in part to their better lighting. And of course, my friends have visited the original Trick Eye in Seoul, which was when I first heard about it, and their pictures were really cool. Hee. [Photos by me have white watermarks, Winnie's in lilac. Um, but it seems quite similar so if you must know, the better quality, nicer pictures are Winnie's. Hehhh.]

The girls cosying up at the back. For such small people, they take up A LOT of space.

Bielet decided she wanted to be a Van Gogh work of art.

All three looking on forlornly, but actually, this was their favourite photo point. They kept going in and out of the cage although we kept pulling them away. Kids. Are. So. Weird.

Jurassic Park Moment.

Bielet has three favourite pictures and this is number one. "I sit on the dolphin (that's a killer whale, sweetheart) and meimei burst out of the water!" -- The girls were rather difficult to position but I think this went well! ;))

Winnie and her little one, Sonia, being pandas!

This was meant to be a tightrope walker but of course, someone is *ahem* a little short. Loved that she tried her darnest to get in on the act and do the single legged stance!

More circus shenanigans! Bieny very zen and balancing on the planks so perfectly :))

She's channeling scared here, I think. Need to work on your facial expressions, hun.

Please ignore Bieny's hiked up dress and odd growth of fingers at the underarms. HAHAHAHA

I also had a couple of shots with the girls and this was my fave. The other visitors were quite taken with Bieny, and unfortunately, I noticed them snapping us when I was poised like that. Great, my five seconds of fame.

Somewhere (under) the rainboooooooooooooooooow, there are three pretty little girls...

...who are snacking a lot a lot. The little Bies look like exact copies of each other.

The other snap with the girlies! Um, and the Big Bad Wolf Biker.

You can tell this is the little match girl, right? Bielet went up to her, touched the red top of the 'match' and put her finger to her lips. "That's not lipstick!!!!!" I told her.

She really wanted to do her little mermaid photo, but this is like little mermaid with giant, swollen tail. Guffaws.

Awwww, this would have been perfect if the bike was a little smaller and the wings a little lower. The other visitors' photos looked really pretty though!

This was the second last room and Bielet was rather spent by this time, so she was rather grouchy and about to throw a hissy fit just waiting for her turn. Patience is a virtue, Miss!  But she's really into this, huh? Very realistic. Hehhhhh.

Anyone need a Christmas globe?

I think this one might be a sellout. (As if!)

Bielet's second favourite photo. She queued up really long for this too! And despite her legs being a little short (hence slightly difficult to balance on the step), she still did pretty well. Sorry, didn't have time to make the hair a little more realistic otherwise picture perfect huh!

Thunder thighs.

This ballerina very tired liao.

Okay, and this is Bielet's third top photo. She took SO MANY photos here. (Just after National Day hence the obsession with the merlion.) Anyways, this is what she had to say about the pic: "I sit on the merlion, and meimei is sinking." Oh, how heroic this one.

Chilling by the lake and enjoying their picnic.

And lastly, a wefie with Aunty Winnie before we headed to Candylicious and the girls went c r a z y.

All in all, we had a fun day out! The girls were initially a little lost as to what was going on when we arrived, but Bielet soon caught on (she studied very intently the photo examples which were put up at the side of each photo point and tried her best to mimic it). That, and me telling her the night before that our playdate was going to be lots of photo taking. She was less than enthusiastic about the idea (because she doesn't like posing or being in front of the camera for more than 5 pictures max), but I said if she wasn't going to enjoy herself, then I would just head for the playdate with meimei. She decided she would take the photos.

Threats aside, she and Sonia were still more keen on running amok than being models, so we had to settle for the less popular backgrounds. Bieny was either tossed into the frame or on the floor, in the middle of the bags. HAHAHA. I think older children would enjoy the process more - guess that's why admission for those under 4yo is free! Despite being a weekday (Wednesday), there was still a good-sized crowd and the rather cramped layout meant the girls were quite the photobombers. Sorry, people. At least it wasn't the crazy, mad June crowd when the place just opened. Admission might have been half off, but seriously, waiting half a day just for this is pure madness. Maybe we'll give Alive a shot sometime later?

Till our next playdate. (Ps. My turn to host in two days' time. Time to officially panic now.)


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