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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies


Going, going, shrink!

When I left agedeebee some three years ago, my colleagues gifted me an extra special bracelet. It had charms personalised by each member of my then-unit (they call it section now) and it was super cool. 

(If you notice the watermark, this picture was from my old lookbook blog! It was quite fun doing my 90 day challenge of no repeat clothes, hurhur. If you're interested, see my fashionista tag for the posts I exported over - desperately need an update on those posts! My original outfit post with this accessory: here.)

They even gave me my own staff pass so I could remember agedeebee forever and ever amen.

(The rest of the section, now department, chipped in to get me a real, proper Thomas Sabo charm bracelet AND my very own Eames elephant stool. I still heart my little elephant as much as when I first got it. Love love love.)

When Bielet was just two-plus. Her legs couldn't even reach the ground when she sat on the stool then! Btw, my original outfit post inspired by this pic: here.

Anyways, the point of this post ain't to reminisce the past but that the custom charm bracelet gave me the idea for the bi-weekly play date that we are supposed to host: Poly shrink! I call it shrinkable plastic because it's easier like that. Lol. Other than the play date, I started testing out ideas for Bielet's birthday goodie bags. My idea for the loot bag didn't work but I went ahead with the play date still.

I got my A4 sheets from Art Friend ($1.50 each, if I remember correctly) and following my friend's recommendation, also tried Daiso for their glow-in-the-dark keychain packs and larger B4 sheets ($2 for each pack).

For ze play date, I traced out Hello Kitty and Miffy characters for the girls to colour in. I chose them because it was the only character I knew their playmate Sonia was familiar with and, like the feline, we only needed to colour the clothes or toys that Miffy was holding (because both Hello Kitty and Miffy are white).

Then, I punched a hole (to slot in the keyring later on) and cut around the characters.

The girls had to colour in the dresses and flowers and toys, but guess what. I couldn't find the permanent markers required for the job! There were only whiteboard markers in the house and it smudged all over their fingers. Ugh.

Tiger mum at work. See how possessively I'm clutching her wrist here!!! (That's because she was colouring in my keychain lol.)

But we carried on and popped the coloured ones into the toaster. It's quite cool to see them shrink after 30 seconds or so.



And I had to borrow a set of pliers from Sonia's mummy because my dad was out and I didn't know where his tools were.

I choped this Miffy keyring because it's the only non-smudgy one. HAHAHAHA. The girls have no love for the rabbit anyway, so there. Bielet used the same permanent black marker that I used for the outline to colour in the dress. #win

If you're wondering what's that squiggle on Miffy's forehead, Bielet added that in because she said "Miffy needs hair!" Hmmm.

Fun, huh? And inexpensive craft idea.

(By the way, if you like Miffy or her friends, you'll adore this Miffy lamp and Snuffy stool which are available for pre-order at Gnome & Post! They are absolutely darling but I have no space - nor money - for either so I have to pass. Sadness.)

(Source: Gnome & Post)


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