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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

The Quarters

Thursday dinners are our family time with my mama, her sister and her second brother. I've realised that I haven't done up some other foodie posts on places we went, but since those are already overdue, here's our take on a recent one: The Quarters.

This new eatery is at Icon Village, and seats maybe 30pax. When we were there for dinner last Thursday, it was totally packed. None of the other eateries had even half capacity! The owner, who is my sis's bf's friend, modestly told us that the patronage just the night before was a lot less.

In a nutshell, this cafe does fusion cuisine: "Asian flavours from a local perspective". I'm weary of any place that specialises in this fusion thingy because it confuses my tastebuds. Just stick with one already. (Cheyyyy, like I'm some bigshot fine dining expert.) But we went there on the jie's recommendation anyways.

Loving this pantone-inspired wall art, which subtly hawks their specialties. Score.

If you're keen on having a look at their full menu, click here.

Love the typography, by the way.

Since we were (surprise surprise!) the first that evening, we ordered some munchies to satisfy the kiddos.

This is the Umami Babi. And Bielet's uncharacteristically h.u.g.e. grin.

Both smiling so sweetly because they knew Mama would only let them eat after a snap. The girls and mantous. It's magic.

I meant this as an appetiser but both girls loved the buns so much that they were gobbled up doubly quick (actually, they take yonks to finish their food so "doubly quick" was still slower than normal). I wish there was more to share. With me.

Bibik En Vogue. This was for the big people because of the spice. The rempah was really tasty but for such tiny shells, that's some spice. I needed a drink. (My inability to stomach spicy food anymore is really depressing me.)

The other folks came quickly after so we topped up with more appetisers!

Salted Egg Fries. For such a nice, plump serving of shoestring chips, the salted egg dip was obviously too little. WE NEED MORE SAUCE! I liked that the fries weren't too salty by itself (you know, how some come all encrusted with salt) so the salted egg dip really complemented the potato. But seriously, more sauce. It needs like a fondue pot worth. Please.

My favourite! And my tummy just rumbled as I laid eyes on this picture. Chic Chick doesn't look like much but these drumlets were fried to perfection, not oily and nicely crisped. The dip was smokin' belachan but I couldn't stop. It was too good.

Laksa Bomb. This soup is like those cream of mushroom soup with tonnes of shrooms. The broth is so chunkful of ingredients that it seems like you're eating it instead. It was an interesting spin but gimme my Katong Laksa any day!

As you can tell from the pictures, each appetiser was good for sharing between two (or three) so our gang ordered almost two of each. We were pretty stuffed by the time our mains came. Like the starters, the main dishes were deceptively sized - looked small but took up so much space in the tummies!

The Last Samurai, teriyaki beef on ciabatta

The Asian Truffle, buak keluak chicken with capellini

Ooh La La, clams linguine in mirin-miso broth 

The Great Escape, dory in lemongrass cream sauce

I didn't get to try the ciabatta and capellini (because my mum and her siblings wiped the dishes out before sharing with me!) but my jie's linguine and my dory were yums enough. If you ask me, I prefer the linguine because the dory and its sauce were a funky combination. Good funky, but a little too adventurous for me after all the other dishes.

Dessert was an entire smackering of treats! Clockwise from top: Waffle with ice cream, tiramisu, their signature Duriancanboleh (a durian creme brulee, geddit?), ginger and longan cake, and lemon tart.

My uncle proclaimed that all the desserts were nice and he couldn't choose a favourite. I didn't taste the tiramisu (duh, too generous a sprinkling of coffee powder) but I really liked the ginger and longan cake and durian creme brulee. The warm cake was a nice wind-down to a night of feasting although it was a tad gingery for this non-ginger fan. I've had the durian creme brulee before (ZX's fave!) and it's really good because the king of fruits remains the star (instead of getting overpowered by the rich cream).

So if, like me, you usually pass up fusion cuisine, why not give it another shot at The Quarters? You might be pleasantly surprised. Burp.

Check out all the empty plates!


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