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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

We all know how hard it is to take a photo of hyper children. It becomes even harder when you want to come across as some super hip mum *ahem* who posts snaps of your children in their chic #ootd.

:: Outfits from H&M (all gifted) ::

:: Bieny in Bloom B, Bielet in H&M (both dresses gifted) ::

:: Outfits from Vietnam (gifted) ::

Heck, kids can even make 3 for $10 clothes look good!

Sometimes it takes five shots.

Other times ten.

:: No brand indicated on Bieny's dress, Bielet in H&M (both dresses gifted) ::

Or even twelve.

:: Dresses from England (gifted) ::

On the rare occasion, there are one hit wonders.

:: Bielet's dress from Tampines 1 pushcart (gifted), Bieny's romper from Changi Airport T3 pushcart ::

:: Bieny in Zara Baby top (gifted), Bielet in Seed top (gifted) and Hush Puppies pants ::

:: Bieny in Lily & Jordan (gifted), Bielet in Heidi Vintage ::

:: Bielet in Hush Puppies polo tee (gifted) and Guess Kids shorts, Bieny in Ralph Lauren dress (gifted) ::

I used to do regular updates on Bielet's outfits (see WHW). When Bieny came along, I didn't start a WTW until this post, because as the second girl of the fam, she got the recycled threads. (Dear Bieny: Neh mind, Mama also second girl and I have brand new, nice, non-hand-me-downs now!) But I've actually been hoarding photos of the girls' lookbooks, and posting the best ones on instagram. A LOT of work went into that. Here are the top five because's:

1. Kids have moods

:: Dresses from Avenue Kids ::

:: Bielet in Gap tee, Bieny in Jumping Beans (gifted) ::

:: Bieny's clothes gifted (no brand indicated), Bielet in Fox Kids and Hush Puppies shorts ::

:: Dress from random pushcarts, dolls from Disneyland ::

2. Kids do not protect their modesty

No lifting your top, Bieny!
:: (Left) Both in Cotton On Kids tops (gifted), Bieny in pants from Mothercare, Bielet in Gap jeans ::
:: (Right) Bielet in Candy dress (gifted), Bieny in Carter's set (gifted) ::

Legs together please, Bielet...
:: (Both dresses gifted, with no brand indicated) ::

3. Kids cannot stay still, especially not at the same time

:: Bielet in Fox Kids tee and Candy capris (gifted), Bieny in Gap (gifted) ::

:: (All clothes gifted, with no brand indicated) ::

:: Bielet in Marc Jacobs skirt (gifted), Bieny in Oobi skirt ::

:: Bielet in Ice Tan dress (gifted) and H&M shoes, Bieny in dress and shoes from H&M ::

:: Bielet in Uniqlo Kids tee (gifted), Bieny in H&M tee ::

:: Outfits from Etsy ::

4. Kids have delicious digits

:: Bielet in Gap dress (gifted), Bieny in Jumping Beans top (pants gifted with no brand indicated), toys from Jellycats ::

:: Outfits from random pushcarts ::

:: Bieny's dress from Babydoll (gifted) ::

:: Bielet in Seed top (gifted), Bieny in Adidas tee (gifted) ::

5. Kids hate looking into the camera

Actually, this might have been a mid-sneeze LOL
:: Bieny in Cotton On Baby dress (gifted), Bielet in Pumpkin Patch (gifted) ::

:: Nike tees, pants from Mothercare and H&M all gifted ::

:: Bielet in Uniqlo Kids (gifted) and Cotton On Kids leggings, Bieny in Right Bank Babies vest, hairbands from Disneyland ::

:: Bieny in Sooki Baby, Bielet in tee from Disneyland (gifted) ::

:: Bielet in Babypixie dress ::

All dressed up for my Ah Yi's polka dot-themed party!
:: All gifted with no brands indicated, save Bieny's dotty Mothercare dress ::

:: Bieny in gifted dress (no brand indicated), Bielet in chambray dress with matching pouch from Grandchild ::

Basically, they think it's stupid that their parents are always behind the camera. So for good photos, maybe parents can try their back profile. These are, by far, the most successful photographs.

:: (Left) See your friendly neighbourhood market for similar clothings ::
:: (Right) Bieny in Fox Kids skirt, Bielet in Gap tee (gifted) and Massimo Dutti shorts ::

You reckon I posted enough photos to show my girls are budding models? Any kiddy clothing brands keen on sponsored posts?

Just kidding, my super chao bin Bielet!
:: Tops from Esprit (gifted), Bielet in Zara Kids leggings (gifted), Bieny in Fox Kids leggings ::

Judging from all the credits that have been indicated as "gifted", I can safely say that my girls are blessed to have such generous aunties and uncles who shower them with new, pretty clothes. Thank you, you know who you are xoxo


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