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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

ZX and I aren't really fans of mass runs because the crowds get to us and erm, why pay when we can run for free, by ourselves at any given time of the day (not some godforsaken hour at the crack of dawn). But children runs seem so much more fun (everything with children always is more fun!) so we signed Bielet up for her first Kids Dash SCMS 2013 at Padang on 1 Dec last last year. I initially wanted to sign the entire fam up but ZX was against it as Bieny was only 6mo then. And since it was 2 parents : 1 kid, I graciously let ZX join Bielet. LOL

Mini flatlay LOL

Bielet decided to nick Papa's cap instead!

Major mud

For her first run, ZX and I agreed that Bielet did rather well. Of the 700m distance, she asked to be carried only at the start (her infamous "TOO LOUD") and for a while around the middle (as she was getting tired). We reckon she managed about 500m herself and she crossed her finishing line herself. Luckily enough, it rained before and after their event but the ground still stayed soggy and muddy and icky throughout! Oh well.

After waddling around in pools of slush, I found the 3 YRS & BELOW finisher medal collection point.

And found these two!

Giving a champion's smile (tired + ZX's smile)

ZX managed to grab one of the cheerboards (Bielet calls it the 'high five') and we convinced her to cheer on the passengers in the riverboats! Crazy parents.

She had watched the SCMS (Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore) advert on teevee and well, let's just say the actual running was a bit more tiring than she had expected! The rain before her event also caused mud pools everywhere and her beautiful, glitter shoes with lights when she steps were totally ruined (those were her sportiest pair, believe it or not). I think she was quite relieved when it was over, and didn't ask to join any run anymore, even when we showed her videos later on. #traumatised

But when I went to Bengawan Solo to order her birthday cakes in Oct last year, I spotted a flyer for Santa Run For Wishes 2014. It seemed like the perfect opportunity for us to run again, what with the cute Santa theme, plus all registration and donation proceeds would be matched under 50FOR50SG and go to the children's charity Make-A-Wish Singapore!

This inaugural run was held on 29 Nov 2014 with two categories, 2.2km and 5km. This time, we even got a spot for Bieny so we obviously signed up for the former, which flagged off and ended at the Marina Promontory. The rain (again!) was a bit of a bummer but the carnival games and snack stalls after made up for it.

>> Pre-Run <<

Ze goodie bag! We also purchased $10 worth of coupons for use at the carnival.

Decked in our Santa finest. The provided hats were too large for the kids so I pinned the hats we bought ourselves (from a party store at CT Hub, where Bielet had her Chinese camp). We reused the hats for actual Christmas!

Family wefie before the run - and the rain!

LOADS of other families

Watcha looking at, Bieny baby?

>> During the Run <<

By the time the run started, all the brollies and ponchos had come out.

Grouchy people. Told you the rain was a bummer.

To keep her poncho hood up, we clipped two Santa hats. So she looked like a bull instead LOL. Did the trick anyways.

On the return loop, Bielet dumped the poncho and we made a dash for it.

(Taken from Make-A-Wish Singapore facebook page) We made it! Finisher medals were distributed at the finish line.

>> Post-Run <<

All smiles! Bielet quite pleased with her cute Santa medal, while Bieny was just happy to have grub.

See what I mean?

The post-run carnival was in full swing, including bouncing on these huge floats (this was taken before the run but they deflated everything after Bielet had one slide because the run came in... bah). Can you spot Bielet perched precariously right at the top?

The queues for rides were sheer madness.

We let Bielet queue for one so she chose....

Bumper boats! Except you couldn't bump any boat. HAHAHA

She also got to meet Santa

Both girls were happy to share the stroller after the run.

And we all made our way to MBS for a yummy dinner YAY

A year on from her first run, Bielet surprised us by completing almost 2/3 of the race herself. She was really tired and asked to be carried before we even did the u-turn at MBS, but we managed to persuade her to press on and she did! If it wasn't raining, she might have done the whole 2.2km because her raincoat seemed quite a bother. Also, Bieny was seated oh-so-comfortably in her Quinny so that must have looked like a better alternative than running by herself. (On the other hand, Bieny was raring to go but Miss-Just-Learnt-How-To-Walk was confined to the stroller. The irony!)

>> In a nutshell: Santa Run For Wishes 2014 <<

What Mum Liked
1/Despite the rain (which was a bit of a damper), the organising team still kept the mood light and happy with their bright smiles and jolly laughs. 

2/We did feel a little lost and a bit unsure whether the event would get canned when the rain started, but the event ran smoothly after the run commenced (in my opinion, anyway). There were clear signs and sufficient helpers throughout the route, so none of us got lost. I guess it helped that our 2.2km route was pretty straightforward too.

3/Finisher medals were distributed at the finishing line. We didn't even have to line up at any booth to collect it because the elves (helpers) gave them out individually when we crossed at the end. Yay!

4/It was really fitting that the run ended with a carnival and concert, because it really added to the festive mood (no doubt it was end of Nov, but shopping malls have had their Christmas jingles and decor up since Oct!) The children, I spotted some of the beneficiaries too, really looked like they had a great time!

What Tot Liked
Unsurprisingly, the 4yo loved the carnival part the best - eating popcorn, steamed cup corn, playing on the floats and riding the bumper boat. She ran most of the way, but was really tired by the end. Maybe 2.2km was a bit much for the wee one! 

Mama: Did you like running in your raincoat?
Bielet: No, because it (the hood) kept falling down.

Mama: But we pinned your hood up with the Santa hats, right? (shows her the picture)
Bielet: Oh yah. Then I liked running in the raincoat already.

Mama: What did you like about the run?
Bielet: I made friends with the little girl and she said thank you for the hat. (We ran past another mum whose girl was really amused with our mini hats. So I gave Bielet mine to give to them - spread the love right - and they were quite delighted despite it being utterly soaked!)

Mama: Would you like to run again, then?
Bielet: No, SO TIRING. Run 2 kilometres. (Flails her arms and walks off with an exaggerated sigh.)


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