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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

Thursdays, or Thurs-dates as my gf Dy puts it, is usually reserved for dinner with my mum and her siblings (save my eldest uncle who is super busy). My mum always looks forward to hanging out with her second brother and sister, because it's nice for all three to take some time out and chit-chat and because they don't nag her for eating clean like how my sis and I do! The last time I blogged about our dinner, you would have already guessed how these three siblings tend to over-order. Can you imagine eating like that EVERY WEEK? (If it's some comfort, we always have to dabao leftovers instead of stuffing ourselves then rolling out of the restaurant.)

Anyways, we headed to Red House Seafood at East Coast a couple of weeks ago. My mum had read that it was closing so we decided to have one last meal before it shuttered (head to its other two branches if you need your Red House fix). Of the three blocks within the East Coast Seafood Centre, only the block housing Red House, which is further away from the shore, will be pulled down as part of park enhancements.

The last time I came to this particular Red House was when my mum's penpal's daughter came over from Scotland for a student exchange with NUS. Then, Bielet was only a wee one and still had to sit in the high chair!

Our first lohei of the year! I love that this version offers two types of fish.

Before the toss. The aftermath was less appetising hence no photo!

My mum's fave! How huge are these juicy prawns?

I'm not a fish person, but maaaaaaaaaan these were delish. At first glance, I thought the marinade seemed too much but it wasn't overly salty (for me at least, can't say the same for the kiddos!) Portion-wise, a little small?

Crispy sotong YUMZ

The fried rice was not particularly yummy but it filled our tummies alright.

And this might sound odd (since it is a seafood establishment), but I thought the tender beef was the best dish of the lot. 

I didn't take the crab because I can't stand having my hands dirty when I'm the designated driver. The chilli crab sauce was not too spicy so good for children, but not so good for those who are looking for a bit more kick.

Points for presentation, but the taste was below par. My sis and Ah Yi remarked that the lemongrass jelly was tasteless, while my mum said she has tasted better mango pudding.

Bieny liked her fruits though!

The girls love going up to the tanks and peering at the seafood (however sadistic that may sound after having an entire meal of their peers....)

Overall, the food didn't seem as good as we remembered and man was it expensive, but I'm glad we made it there one last time!

So long Red House at East Coast!

Sorry for the bad edit (I didn't use the flash...........)

We took a walk along the shore after dinner and at nearby Jumbo, the 'God of Fortune' was making his photo op rounds. So we shamelessly posed for a pic. HAHAHA

I still remember the East Coast Seafood Centre when it was UDMC Seafood Centre (somewhere in the early 00s). It seems like places where I carved my childhood memories are fast disappearing - like when the iconic McDonald's at Marine Cove was torn down for redevelopment. This is what it must feel like when my parents always reminisce at what old buildings were standing there when we go around. I feel the same now - Bedok Mall has flattened the former interchange where I used to have lunches with my SAC friends and dinners with the TJ climbers, 112 Katong has taken over the mall where I bought my beads for jewellery making, etc.

But the memories are what are dear, and we'll make new ones :))


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