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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

How was your Chinese New Year? I can't believe the fifteen day is upon us! I used to be ambivalent about the festivities, but in the recent years, I've come to appreciate just how important the gatherings and family times together are - a sign of me growing old. Not that it's a bad thing, I truly believe you get wiser with age, and that's how you appreciate and understand the meaning of how dear and close you hold your elders and other relations.

Not that everything went smoothly - my temper did get the best of me at times. I get that my elders and visitors want to play with the girls or pamper them, but seriously, there needs to be limits no? When I say that they shouldn't eat any more CNY goodies, especially when they already have a sore throat, or they shouldn't be playing certain games, especially when it is obviously not child-appropriate (playing on staircase is like...), I mean it. How fun do it think it is for me to always have to raise my voice at the girls and then wear a black face because my mood or everyone else's moods have been ruined? As it is, I'm quite the chill mum already but no means no.

The other day, my heart broke when Bielet retorted in tears, "Mama, I think you don't love me anymore because you keep scolding me." Great, now my kid thinks I hate her. She did accept my explanation for the increased frequencies of chiding, but I think her heart (and mine) still needs to mend.

Oh my, this post wasn't meant to be such a gloomy one! So here are LOADS of happy snaps to make up for the glum intro.

{CNY Celebration in school}

| WHW | Elly cheongsam as top (gifted), white poofy skirt (gifted), funfair pilage from TW

{First Day of CNY}

| WHW, WTW | Both girls in dresses from Bubble Girl (gifted), angbao slings from Elly

With ZX's parents before we started on our visiting :))

With ZX's paternal granddad and the cutest little Japanese girl (ZX's niece)

With ZX's maternal grandma 

Kungfu partners, these two distant cousins are two weeks apart (Bielet is the younger one!)

Check out the effort that went into the lohei at ZX's maternal side - this was just a third of the final product

Dinner was at my Ah Yi's. Here is her signature jelly with lychees and chestnuts.

My Ah Yi and Uncle also have the biggest beagle. Who eats bakkwa. LOTS of bakkwa.

My side and guest starring my future BIL's family

{Second day of CNY}

| WHW, WTW | Suits from Eastpoint

With my Ah Ma! (The framed cross stitch was done by my mama years ago)

{The rest of our CNY celebrations}

Sunday school! Can you spot Bielet and Bieny?

At Millenia Walk, before heading to River Hong Bao

Someone super chuffed at finding a slide (although it was so crowded, her pinkie got stomped on...)

First time sitting in these seats with Papa! Usually we're watching him down on the platform.

| WHW | Ladybug dress from H&M, shoes from Puma
| WTW | Striped dress from Gymboree, floral lace-ups from Khakikakiku (both gifted)

My family went to Park Royal on Beach Road for a CNY dinner with my Ah Ma. I had seen it on ladyironchef while searching for CNY spreads, so I had high hopes. The service was super but the food was average (sponsored post, but still). Sad.

At least we had a good time! 
(Another group of guests saw the girls going up and down and up and down, and remarked she doesn't think she wants kids. Yes, the girls were a bit hyper to be around everyone and my 4yo isn't the quietest girl but I wouldn't have it any other way. Sorry if we made a bit more noise than usual!)

Oh! Before that buffet dinner with my Ah Ma, I actually met my former agedeebee colleagues for a SEVEN course lunch at Soup Restaurant. My. Waistline. Is. Going.

We went to visit my cousin on this day, but she wasn't feeling too well so no snaps with her. Just the girls!

| WTW | Strawberry Shortcake dress (gifted)
| WHW | Pink dress from Fox Kids (gifted), blue glittery shoes from Accessorize (everything in their kids range is sooo pretty but rather pricey, so I was really glad to get these at 50% from their awesome sale)

My uncle took this all-girls' snap of us with his MIL! More keropok!

| WTW | White dress with purple accents (gifted)
| WHW | Pink tank with rosettes from Gingersnaps, Blue floral skirt from Little Marc Jacobs (gifted)

Bielet wanted to watch the lion dance at my parents' place. It was "TOO LOUD" for her but she continued watching it, and still ran up to this really skinny (female) Cai Sheng for a picture.

This was taken on the craziest Saturday we've had in a long time. We came from a lunch hosted at ZX's camp, then straight to games and teatime snacks!

It was a hoot playing with my girlfriends. I'm the outcast actually, because I gave up on them in secondary school but I'm really glad they still welcomed me back to their gatherings and celebrations now. xoxo

Right. On to third function - our little jungle girl's 2nd birthday party! We couldn't stay for the bouncy castle and buffet spread, but the girls had so much fun playing with the birthday girl and her cousin :))

The party was held at Treehouse Villas, a Balinese styled chalet open to SAF personnel. The villa was really spacious (hello, can put inflatable bouncy castle, you say leh) and with chic furnishings like this chair. Pretty photo point, eh?

AND FINALLY our last pit stop for the day (we had to skip my cousin's baby shower, can you imagine our crazy mad day?!): no wonder Bieny is flat out. Here she and the cutest Michelin bb are hogging the couch. Cute babies can get away with anything!

The girls love the process of lo-ing hei, but they just jab the yusheng and eat the crackers. Hah.

With the climbers! I love that we have all (most) grown together and continued being part of each other's lives. We wouldn't have imagined this scene (WITH SEVEN KIDS between us 15 years later, ok 3 children are missing from this photo). But I'm glad some things never change, like how we all know the girls will definitely win at Taboo HAHAHAHA

On Sunday, we continued our home visits with my closest girlfriends! How grown-up does Bielet look here?

And with that, it's the final day of CNY. Happy Chap Go Meh everybodies! Hope you all had a fantastic Chinese New Year, and that better and brighter things await!

Still waiting for our CNY date, my dearest bff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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