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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies


Riiiight, if you know me, I don't actually say HUAT AH in real life! I always thought it a bit uncouth that people shouted that at weddings or mahjong or other chinese festivities. But, can I just say I totally love, dig, adore its symbolic equivalent of the ong lai or pineapple. (My in-laws were horrified when they found out I was still happily munching the fruit and drinking its juice variations during my pregnancies - I think because it's a 'cooling' food.)

Seeing as Chinese New Year is just around the corner, there has been a proliferation of pineapples on all kinds of merchandise. My friends have been sending me pictures of pineapple-y stuff like there's no tomorrow, so I decided to do a silly post. Here are 10 ong lais for you this CNY - dress yourself up from top to toe, and even your home!

Are you ready for this (over)dose of pineapple?

1/Wristlet, from Little Odd Forest
This quirky outfit has a line of local fruits-adorned wristlets (it's a tough one trying to pick between the pineapple, durian, jambu and mangosteen!) #supportlocal

(Photo credit: Littleoddforest IG, buy here)

2/Sundress, from Flaunt
Because just one of this prickly fruit is simply not enough.

(Photo credit: Flaunt, buy here)

3/Sneakers, from Keds
Ooh, these cute sneakers drop in stores next month so save those angpows! (See more designs on Shape's website.)

(Photo credit: Shape Singapore)

4/Phone case, from Emaley Studio
For those with iphones, how can you pass this one up? This Thailand-based store will be at Public Garden/National Museum of Singapore until today! If you miss it, email them for international orders.

(Photo credit: Emaley Studio, buy here)

5/Watch, from Swatch
The funnest watch maker is launching a line of really juicy wrist candy!

(Photo credit: Catalog Magazine)

6/[For the kids] PJs, from Cotton On Kids
My parents used to buy us new jammies for the new year. And while we don't do proper pyjamas around here any more, these are soooooooooo cute, I might just have to bring back tradition!

(Photo credit: Cotton On Kids, buy here)

7/[For the guys] T-shirt, from Zalora
From their CNY collection, this tee is for the men. And in forest green to match those mahjong tiles!

(Photo credit: Zalora, buy here)

8/Cup, from The Tinsel Rack
Keep yourself cool with this too-adorbs-for-words cup. You need to hydrate after that snacking marathon! (Btw, the model's ong lai top is how cute also.....)

(Photo credit: Arcadianmade IG, buy here)

9/Decor, from Chinatown or any CNY fair
These hanging honeycomb pineapple decor come in all sizes and some are so huge, they are even bigger than Bieny and Bielet!!! A fun idea to consider is this pineapple wreath (tutorial at A Subtle Revelry), in place of those loud, glittery, cartoony door stickers.

(Photo credit: A Subtle Revelry)

10/Garlands, from Green Laundry
Wow your visitors with a string of these whimsy pineapple pom poms. Just be sure no kids nick them before they leave! Exclusively available at Oh Happy Fry's pop-up store, happening from 6 to 15 Feb at Top Deck, 223A Upper Thomson Road.

(Photo credit: Ohhappyfry IG)

Less than two weeks to CNY, better get your pineapples on now!


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