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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

I Need To Be Funner

After a spot of blogsurfing yesterday morning, I was rather tickled by the random convos with their kids that some mummies have been blogging about. I used to do that, I thought.

I started Bielet's quirks when she started her babbles, and now I'm scribbling down bits to put together a second part of Bieny's quirks. (Oh yes, she is getting chatty too.)

But as I tried to think back on particularly deep convos (never underestimate how deep a K1er can go), I couldn't recall anything. Sad. I love it when Bielet talks for hours on end with me, I love hearing how her day at school went, I love her excited chatter and endless questions about why this and that is so, I love her animated tone and actions as she babbles on about her imaginary colleagues (less so now, for some reason).

These days, I've just been trying to get her to pick up her Chinese, learn to do addition and memorise her spellings. OMG I'VE BECOME SUCH AN UNFUN MOTHER! In my defence, I'm worried that she will fall behind when she goes on to K2 and then primary school. It's the perpetual struggle of every parent, eh?


"And that's not an excuse, Mama."

It's not like it's just studies around here, I still bring Bielet out to cycle and swim and shop, but I'm ashamed to say that it's no longer with the aim of fun in mind. When we cycle and swim, it's the mindset of "better get her to exercise and get a bit of sunshine". When we go shopping, it's to get supermarketing done and errands run and usually, it's a mad rush.

This was fun though, taken on a badminton playdate!

"So tired liao, Mama still makes me take photo................"

By the time we finish doing everything on the checklist for errands, she is usually tired and grouchy. No talking there. When we lunch out, we are rushing through and I'm always nagging her to eat instead of walking all around the shop to explore. No talking there. At home, I am always tinkering on the laptop because damn, there's always something to be done so she busies herself with her toys or plays with Bieny. No talking there.

You can guess I'm getting more than a little sad just writing this down.


I don't even have a full-time job where I am away from home 5 days a week AND I'M STILL FACING THIS PROBLEM. #epicfaildeborahlin

A couple of days ago, ZX told us that when he dropped her off at school, her teacher had spoken with him briefly. The teacher was glad that Bielet was opening up and more vocal in class. (The usually chatty girl clams up when around strangers or those she is unfamiliar with.) She was also doing a good job of being a leader. ZX turned to Bielet and told her he was really proud when he heard the teacher. When she heard that, a big smile broke out on her face and she looked away shyly. I was so proud of her too!

Bielet takes care of others

And she's serious about her work. Makes for a good leader!

ZX asked her what she does as a leader and she eagerly told him her roles (collect pencils, give out papers and sit in front of the class) and who she is in charge of (she is the leader of the red group, and there are another 4-5 leaders of the respective groups within the class). How is it I pick her up from school every day but I don't know this?! #superepicfaildeborahlin

It got me thinking: Have I been neglecting Bielet because I'm trying not to neglect Bieny? As it is, I already feel I'm not doing enough with the littler one! 

"Try harder, Mama."

So yes, consider this my resolution for the year (so much for my no-need-resolution resolution, but heck better late than never): Be funner

/Have fun exploring places for the first time.

/Have fun jumping about in puddles.

Or beds

/Have fun laughing so hard that our tummies hurt but we still go on.
"Gimme 5 on that!"

Or three......

/Have fun doing silly stuff that nobody else wants to do with her (or Bieny).

I dunno how to caption these.....

/Have fun backtracking to the places they love tumbling around in.

More play gyms?


/Have fun stuffing ourselves with yummy foods and not worry about them getting enough greens or too much sugar (ok, maybe this one not so many times).

"But see how happy I am, Mama? MORE PLEASE"

/Have fun doing so much that makes them happy that we all collapse in bed with a deliriously happy grin on our faces.

Or maybe just her.

Not too hard, I hope? And while I'd love to have the girls to myself (maybe ZX too), some company would be nice at times. Playdates, anyone?

We promise not to bite!

[All photos by me except // badminton, painting, cupcake and last two photos by Winnie // sunflower photo by Robin]


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