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meet the fam #thechennies

meet the fam #thechennies

Do.Main Bakery

ZX and I love our breads. The aroma of fresh loaves, right off the oven, is probably our favourite smell (I'm not sure people actually go around collecting smells but yea). Between the two of us, I'm not sure who is the bigger bread fan. Though I really heart my buns (please, what are you thinking of!), the hubby practically lived off bread when he was in the US on his grad climbing trip so I guess he wins?

While I recently proclaimed I found the bestest bread (see here), I think there might just be a tie - or really really really strong contender - for that place in my heart with Do.Main Bakery {website}. I can't decide because I need to eat more breads because coming to a firm conclusion! #notanexcuse

Housed in one of the charming shophouses along Tanjong Katong (this is one shop away from Smith's), the minimalist, very colonial-feel monochrome decor of the bakery's interior makes you feel right at home. You know, so you can sit back, relax and get your OD on the sumptuous sniffs lol.

[Note: While this post is on the bakery, I didn't take many food photos. The girls were too hungry because this was past their lunch time!]

This bakery only seats 20 inside (I suppose you can squeeze a few more on the booth seats) and a few more outside in the sweltering heat. Takeaways available too!

Hangry children, who obviously do not want to pose for photographs!

This is a little inappropriate, but I thought the slogan was cute. Why inappropriate? Um, this was the loo. LOL

The loo is located on the second floor, along with the office btw

The 2+2 of us ordered Bourdaloue Tart ($5) - pear and almond, Orange Danish ($3.50) and Tartiflette w Reblochon ($16) - potatoes, cheese, bacon and onion. If you're wondering why so little, this was first brunch. We had second brunch at Smith's because the girls just loooooooove fish and chips (which obviously isn't French).

Are you not drooling by now?!

My Tartiflette w Reblochon! This order took a while but it was so worth the wait. The generous amount of cheese and melt-in-your-mouth spuds were enough to knock our socks off, that we forgave the slightly-too-salty lardon (fatty pork bits) and polished this up good. Mop up the cheese with the bread. Awesome.

What remained of the other two pastries that ZX ordered....... On the orange danish: I'm no fan of citrus variations (only like the original fruits) but the pastry itself was moist and delish. The Bourdaloue tart was also a pleasant surprise because I don't particularly fancy pears, but the fruit didn't overwhelm the sweet treat and the crust was just the way I like it (not flaky but not too hard either).

While the bakes won ZX and I over, Bielet was more fascinated by the baker! There's a full glass window outside the kitchen and Bielet stood there almost the entire time we were there. In fact, she was so captivated by the baker and his baking, that she actually recognised him from a photo in the next day's newspaper! (Consider ZX and I impressed.)

So yup, 2 pastries and 1 hot dish are hardly enough for us (me) to make a final judgement, but I'm loving this bakery already. More breads soon!


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